Friday, August 10, 2012

Jerry Week 08/10/2012 - The Encore!

Jerry Day 10 - the encore! For today's selection I've gone with the So Many Roads Box Set Sampler featuring 10 selections from the 5 CD release. Again I don't know where this one came from probably a toss in from mail order but its a nice selection with some meaty cuts a ten minute Estimated a seventeen minute Shakedown and a seven minute Eternity.

I also have Rhino's wonderful Very Best Of cued up. When this was first coming out I thought "uh oh" how can they do the Dead justice. I mean a best of really? The Dead are a live band first in the moment but the disc is spot on. It has a great selection of tunes. It rides in the car well and is good for subverting the reluctant or unaware into the dead universe. The more the merrier! (~):D

So Happy Friday everyone. Its wonderful to be here its certainly a thrill give yourself a hug and hug a friend. Keep the Jerry vibe going all weekend and throughout the year. Summer never ends the weather just changes!

Paul (~):D

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