Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Jerry Garcia Week Day 7

Happy Day 7 of Jerry Week - Today's show from my modest archive is from 04/08/1985 - another high energy show that is one of my favorites. An audience tape the crowd is pumped pumped, pumped and singing along. Its fun to hear, and the band is talkative. This one is about fun. They kick things off with Midnight Hour into Walking The Dog, Big Boss Man, Me and My Uncle, Cumberland Blues, and Ain't Superstitious all at a furious clip. Finally they take a breath with Althea and bounce the crowd a little reggae vibe. The mid 80's crowd is ecstatic, cheering along every chance they get and happy to see the boys again.

While yesterdays space and drums set was eerie Apocalypse Now today's space and drums set is very, very, very much Close Encounters of the Third/Fourth Kind.  Mickey sets some sort of feedback loop and "they're here" the mothership is landing and the crowd just looses it...

Have a grateful day everybody and reflect on a little "sunshine" wherever you go. Look at things differently and remember we are on a planet of all things hurtling through space spinning like a top furiously on our axis. Remember that and hold it close, let it color your actions and attitudes and enjoy the acceleration on your journey home.

Paul (~):D

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