Thursday, August 04, 2011

Vanishing of the Bees - Movie Review

This is a must watch documentary narrated by Ellen Page. Its very well done and moves along quickly. It's more inspirational than I thought it would be and its concise. It gives a tremendous insight into modern agriculture, monoculture and the formation of the pesticide industry. Colony Collapse Disorder is an international problem and we learn how it was recognized and dealt with in some fashion over in Europe, Italy, and France. Billions of bees have vanished into thin air and they are a linchpin in our diet and pollinate many of the fruits, nuts and vegetables that we take for granted. If you want avocado and almonds we have to have the honey bee.

Our fuzzy little hero!

Empty hives and no dead bees. Thriving hives that lay decimate in a matter of weeks. Holocaust like destruction. At the root of the problem is a governmental agency who relies on the industry its regulating to provide scientific data. An agency who errs on the side of profit not precaution.

A fascinating array of honest characters and scientist who are on the front line to protect our food supply and an up close look at not only bees and how they pollinate, live and co-habitat but an inside look at some of the questionable practices of commercial bee farming.

This documentary will surprise you. But more than just stun you with the chemical warfare industry now working in our food industry (Monsanto made agent orange for Vietnam, Bayer made mustard gas for World War I) it will lift your spirits and renew your faith in mankind.

Five big stars informative, entertaining and heart warming.

The Vanishing of the Bees Trailer

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