Thursday, August 04, 2011

Abortion, Abortion, Abortion - Anti American and Anti-Choice

It's easy not to be afraid of life when you have money. Heck you don't even need an education when you have money. You can have as many babies as you want out of wedlock when you have money. You can quit your job as governor when you have a lot of money, you can party and have kids and pay for their care and not have a job when you have a lot of money. You can learn how to dance and go on television for months on end when you have money, and someone else can change the diapers.

The point is having a baby and raising a baby are two vastly different things. Planning a family responsibly requires a few building blocks to be in place BEFORE pregnancy. One an education:

It's a statistical fact that people with college degrees out earn by far high school only degrees. In other words you have to have a way to put the bread on the table. Two: a partner who is ready willing and able to participate fully, and three the maturity to know - game over - you are now a parent, not a teenager, not a rock star, not a druggie, not a cool chick, not up late, not a model, not an actor, not a princes, not a single, not a best friend, you are a parent and realize raising a child is a full time- life time job - that requires patience, discipline and sense of humor, and it doesn't end when they turn 18.

Raising a healthy, happy, well adjusted child is just as important, and essential as making a conscious decision that the time is not right if you are stupid enough to get pregnant. Abortion gives people a chance to get it right. Its better for the eventual child, society and the now ready parent.

What's the purpose here - to reproduce for the sake of reproducing, or to raise a family of educated, smart, well adjusted human beings? And for the record carrying a child in your body for every minute of nine months and then having it whisked away not even allowed to touch each other is a life long haunt to both the mother and child - as if the nine month gestation period wasn't enormously, dramatically important and significant.

Promoting irresponsible behavior and tra,la,la your pregnant as some sort of magical, special talent and land of tooth fairies, unicorns and Disney world, and not dealing with the realities of pregnancy, the life long ramifications, the immediate demands is doing society as a whole a huuuuggggeeee dis-service.

Educating our twelve year old's about sex, birth control and the enormous financial and physical resources and responsibilities not only to themselves,and the child but to society as well is where the conversation should be and there would be fewer abortions.

Maybe the issue would even be solved. But who's purposes would that serve? The church or the politicians? These days whats the difference?

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