Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Every Generation - Egypt, Syria and London

Every generation the status quo no matter what country has to relearn the same old lessons: - people want freedom of expression and not power. Have your money, have your title, have your ego, mansions and yachts but make sure the middle class is prosperous, free to criticize and address wrongs that cut into your bottom line - like polluting the drinking water, overfishing, poisoning our food with pesticides, poisoning our air with mercury, and making life lousy for the people whose labor you rely on.

In short fair and equitable = peaceful. We don't want to be boss but we are the types who are disgusted by poverty, sweatshops and the pollution that gives our loved ones cancer and we outnumber you and your armies. Please take note, clean up your acts and realize repression is like squeezing a balloon- sooner or later it pops- see Egypt, Syria, and London for current examples.

Take Action USA

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