Thursday, July 07, 2011

A Thriving Environment = A Thriving Economy

As big agriculture continues to consolidate in an effort for one faction to corner the market (like Monsanto) and following the successful lead of other industries, big oil, telecoms, and finance, they will become harder and harder to bring action against because of the overwhelming cost involved.

It’s imperative not to put off any actionable issues in lieu of the unfortunate fact of consolidation equaling power and deeper than deep pockets. The guy with the gold makes the rules - an old saying but true and it’s meant to underscore that in order for tax payers to hold industry accountable for its downstream waste we need to consolidate and grow our financial resources exponentially through the non-profits representing our health.

Capitalism is unable to look at the macro-economic picture. Its drive for its own insulated, industry, and company specific profit margin, doesn't take into account the entirety of our highly integrated, and counter dependent economy. We are living through a time right now where we are witnessing the incestuous, self destructive tendency of unregulated capitalism.

Decimating the middle class the largest segment of the population and largest market segment in a consumer driven economy for one market sectors profit margin, consolidated into two or three firms, employing a few thousand people, is beyond short sighted. It’s blind to its own undoing.

Regulation not only creates jobs expanding the power, reach and capacity of the overall markets, and invigorating “all” the market sectors, but it also prevents the self destructive nature of capitalism and ensures the broader markets sustainability.

A thriving environment = a thriving economy.
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