Friday, July 08, 2011

Kill All The Wolves Now Say the Citizens of Wyoming

The gun yahoos make me sick - with one hand grabbing federal tax payer dollars including grazing on tax payer public land, but with the other hand fighting the will of the tax payers. If they don't want wolves in their state then they shouldn't get any federal dollars for anything.

The Country belongs to all of the tax payers not just their puny, individual commercial concerns. I'm sick of bending over backwards for them because why - they're ranchers- who cares? Go out of business already if you can't afford it - its called the cost of doing business. Or are these guys members of the pampered too big to fail set? I thought they were rugged individualist - then give them their guns, their ammo, and let them run their state on the profits of the hunting industry they are whoring out for.

Let the big tough guys with their drunken weekend dress up in camouflage playing Jeremiah Johnson go it alone. You want to subvert the majority agreed upon laws in a democracy - then you don't get any federal dollars for anything-tough guys.

What a joke. They are obviously not team players when it comes to America. All federal money should be pulled from the state if they so blatantly, and arrogantly think they are above the will of the majority and the negotiated federal laws.

I'm sick of weak politicians trying to keep everyone happy and not taking a stand. This is just like oil companies taking tax dollars in one hand (subsidies) and refusing to clean up their oil disasters in the other - same deal. Not team players? You don't get team dollars. End of story.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

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