Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Debt Crisis and Default Hysteria- I Call Bullshit

I'm still exhausted from the health-care debate I was in that one deep and still think a medicare buy in for all is the sane way to go. It pumps money back into the system and we can get away from the health for profit insurance scam we have posing as legitimate business in this Country.

Now onto the Debt Crisis and the default trauma, hysteria, fear pumping through our media and into our consciousness. I call bullshit.

They'll be a deal don't fall for the rhetoric. Why, how can I be so sure? Simple:

The screwball politicians are all heavily invested. Crashing the economy might score them political points but it might also blow up in their stupid faces with a huge voter backlash. Believe me the politicians fear that big time despite all the penny ante bravado in their phony faces.

The American people know who the corporate tea party is, and which political party worships more fervently at their corporate, moneyed alter.

One thing is for sure - and this is why there will be an oh so dramatic last second deal (yawn) - The millionaires in Congress, their portfolios, their wealth, the wealth of their backers will be destroyed, decimated, and pulverized with the rest of us. There's no where to hide your money in a global meltdown.

Rest assured our heroic, self serving politicians will protect their "own" self interest. Which is why Wall Street got a bail out and the rest of us got foreclosed on.

The financial backers are taken care of but the voters stiffed and sufficiently angered in order to win an election. It's a beautiful calculation but all too plain to see to veteran followers of politics, and the adults in the room.

Remember for a large segment of our politicians this is a career choice, sometimes a career choice of last resort, a large percentage of our heroic politicians never even earned a college degree. Going into politics for them is "NOT" a call to service.

Politics and politicians appeal to emotion to whip up voters. Take your susceptibility to emotion out of the equation, and politics is as predictable as the sun rising.

The guy with the gold makes the rules.

That is why the poor and sick are being kicked to the curb and uneducated.

We are not a great, righteous or even christian nation unless we do the right thing by caring for and helping each other. You can not justify greed or legitimize inequity. Those on the inside have always just tried to see how much they can steal.

If you want a great country opportunity must be extended to all and the sick and the elderly cared for properly. It will create jobs so its a win, win. Except for the party out of power who needs the voters to be jobless and angry in order to win the next election. They are great, calculating people aren't they? Are they really worth your vote?

Check their resume's, see whose paying them and for god's sake stop voting for used car salesmen, or pest control operators, or failed baseball owners.

This has been a public service announcement - turn off your regularly scheduled brain washing.

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