Monday, June 20, 2011

Politics a Team Sport - Which Side is Your Bread Buttered On?

"Enemy team" - that's what I read recently out at the Washington Times - referring to the democratic party, environmentalist and liberals.

It's exactly right on point - and the problem with politics.

Running a country is not a team sport - a house divided can not stand - and your fellow citizens are NOT your enemy, but such is the mind set foisted onto the american public by the powers that be - its called divide and conquer - the rich elite have the middle class squabbling amongst themselves - we out number them but they have more money and access and get 95% of what they want - bank on it.

Jobs going overseas.....because labor is dirt cheap - pennies on the dollar - you want to live in Calcutta slums keep arguing amongst your selves - you want a great country - vote "YOUR" pocketbook - not the other guys - don't worry about the drillers and oil industry - they make billions in profit - and have plenty of untapped leases already. Its cute but they don't need your concern. As far as the environment goes when its out of whack it gives us cancer so it doesn't need your help either. Vote YOUR concern. What needs help is the middle class and their lack of insight and ease of manipulation. Wave a few flags, thump a few bibles, kiss a few babies, stir emotions with fear and a whole lot of people's brains turn off.

Better schools create jobs, innovation creates jobs. Unregulated capitalism wants to corner all the markets, eliminate all the competition and rake in all the profits. Unregulated capitalism destroys itself, and its resources because by definition short term profit is its only concern. Polluted drinking water (not my problem) the less I have to pay for the unintended or ignored consequences of my actions the more profit I gain. That mindset is good for a business if they can get away with it and boy howdy they sure do, but it is absolutely a reckless mindset for a managed market system and for governing a country of 300 million people from sea to shining sea.

Those who want to drown government in a bathtub, vilify our government are crooks who want to get away with murder. The federal government is all we have to stand up to them for fair pay, a living wage, safe working conditions. The federal government is the only one big enough to hold them accountable for their actions that pilfer pensions, and whose products give us cancer.

Talk about too big to fail -the government is too big to fail because without it there are no laws, rules, and regulations in order to manage create and foster a prosperous, healthy, cohesive, civilization.

Government is the sheriff on the block. If you want to drown them in the bathtub then you're a crook looking to get away with something. Trust big business - right - trust them to pawn their expenses onto the general public, trust them to pawn their responsibilities for the messes they have created onto the general public, trust them to try and steal every last cent of tax dollars in subsidies and exemptions. They are false gods laughing all the way to the unregulated, untaxed bank. They don't care one bit about you except in how they can exploit your labor and your wages. Hedge fund managers 15% tax rate - what a rip off - vote YOUR pocket book- if you're a hedge fund manager - if you're not and your championing their cause while you pay 35% or more - you're an idiot.

Blame the government but don't go crying to them when bridges collapse and school buses go falling into the rivers or you don't have enough resources to hold B/P accountable for cutting corners. I mean really people wake up and realize which side of your bread is buttered. Its your tax dollars. You want to give em to Exxon.....laughable - how about create competition in the market place...hmmm think that might work - all you free marketeers out there - mouseketeers is more like it.

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