Monday, June 20, 2011

Clean Water, Air and Food Its Neither Left nor Right.

You have to survive on the planet first before you survive as a culture and NOW our cultures and civilizations are so huge and our population so large we are impacting the environment in significant ways across the board. From a macro world view Earth first - profit second is the recipe for our collective global survival, and yes cancer happens at the cellular level so we should be concerned with parts per million. None of our corporate, industrial chemical reactions happen in a vacuum so they all add up (even every time you go for an x-ray). In other words one smoke stack in Michigan and one in Pennsylvania equal two in the atmosphere even though you can only see one from your street corner.

The environment (innovation, emerging markets, education) = jobs and the two have to live together. Individual profit margins impacting the environment negatively have to be corralled, and corrected. There's nothing wrong with making money the right (industry advocates) need to stop foisting that straw man onto the environmentalists who see the big picture as opposed to what an individual company's profit margin might be. Environmentalists are just trying to keep the house clean and understand (like the bees for instance) how an integrated environment is the base from which everything else jumps off of. The Earth is our operating system - no bees - no almond industry. We can have a healthier, more diversified, productive and cohesive civilization but we have to keep our priorities in tact. Clean water, air and food isn't a matter of politics. Its neither left nor right. Unregulated fishing leaves no "free Willey" to argue about and a war over who gets to chop up the last one.

Stick with a managed market system. Science, education, national defense, infrastructure and then profit. There's plenty of money. Its just getting horded at the top because its over valued in the grand scheme of things. You can't eat money.

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