Monday, June 13, 2011

Environment = JOBS!

There's not enough oil to affect prices on the international spot market - America is a bit player - less than minor league not even JV when compared to the majors in the Mid-East. We don't have 2% of what the Middle East has and all oil goes out to the international spot market where it’s bid on - that's where the price is set. We don't have enough oil to make a dent in the system.

Meanwhile that champion of republican ideology Eric Cantor wants to ADD another government agency and none of the faithful even challenge the idea - talk about blinders. I hope his die hard republican supporters UNDERSTAND Cantor is EXPANDING government - not de-funding it.

When will people see the forest from the tress - there are more jobs waiting in the clean energy sector but the representatives of the status quo, big oil, big nuke, big coal and the telecoms don't want competition. They have blocked the creation of millions of jobs to stall the economy to win power, elections and corner their respective markets. That's capitalism and its no good for the Nations economy when it functions to suit its own, singular bottom line destroying competition and using profit margin as its universal excuse to drive up cancer rates, gut the economy and cause world war.

Off shore rig jobs will barely bring a thousand jobs nation wide.

The millions of jobs and boom are in upgrading the transmission lines, installing recharging stations for electric cars, slapping solar panels on ALL our rooftops, replacing hot water heaters, and retrofitting the cities for more energy efficiency.

But the status quo is in the business of SELLING energy consumption so what’s good for America is not good for them.

So the question is whose side are you on Americas or some rich CEO in his skyscraper palace and country club mansion?

Leases already owned not drilled, billion dollar coastal markets and livelihoods destroyed and for a few CEO's and investors at the top - rich guys like politicians - that's not democracy but that is capitalism at its worst.

Mismanaged markets are unregulated they devour resources blindly and spoil our land, food, water, air and health all in the name of short term profits. the collateral damage has ramifications from coast to coast and all points in between. We can not allow individual companies and their pursuit of profit to continue acting as if in a vacuum and that their actions have no consequences on the greater good and survival of our planet, our health, our food supply and economy. A rich vibrant and diversified economy will operate at peak efficiency and with benefit to all not just a few wrecking havoc on the rest of us.

What is with the disconnect between the Earth and what it takes to live on it successfully and making money? You can't eat the money. That the easily mislead think the EPA and government is the problem is just sad. Usually it’s a polluting industry insider at the head of the EPA rolling back mercury laws. They put people over profits and don't care or account for downstream ramifications of their byproducts unless they have to pay for them.

And the people are so spun around and mislead that they don't know what’s in their own best interest.

You need a scapegoat look in the mirror apathy, willful ignorance, and easy answers are being fed to you and you’re buying it...because you think having a successful country means ripping down all the forests, poisoning the water and making a few rich guys happy and that somehow magically and mysteriously on faith it will trickle down to you.

It hasn't yet has it? How many more decades are you going to fall for that b.s.?

The problem is the status quo wants the entire economy and markets cornered that’s what they do. They want to get rid of any and all competition, thwart innovation and legislate any threat to their individual bank accounts into obscurity.

That’s the game the big boys play night and day 24/7 without any consideration to the overall macro-economy. That’s your government’s job and to the extent your government can be bought off, and corrupted is to the extent that the powerful can gain more power and steal our capital and natural resources for themselves parking it in off shore accounts where it is kept willfully out of our economy and you wonder why you can't find work.

The money is hoarded at the top, off shore – it’s not reinvested - it never trickles down - that's a fantasy that you bought and continue to buy every time you vote republican. It’s got nothing to do with NASCAR, Ram tough or country music that's just all marketing that you have fallen for - co-opted imaging meant to win your allegiance and your vote to one party and further the cultural war that divides the people.

Such is the "cultural" war that has been foisted on us by the divide and conquer status quo crowd. Until WE all pull together Washington will continue to represent the richest most privileged among us. They don't care about your job or lack of one or your neighborhood. You are chumps who have fallen for their phony cultural war and your spleen is so vexed and your emotions so played that you have no idea what’s in your own best interest.

Billionaires got tax cuts for decades upon decades as low as they have ever been so where are the jobs (overseas). They got everything they asked for and Cheney had his energy commission write the laws in secret. The interior department for decades has been headed by lobbyist for drilling and mining and hunting. War machine you got it off the books and unpaid for - everything, and they left office with the economy destroyed and are blocking any attempts to fix it in order to blame the new guy and regain their grip on power. Good for them all 2% of them and bad for the other 98% WE THE PEOPLE - all of us.

Decades of giving power over to the rich folk has destroyed the middle class but keep blaming the hippies, progressives, and liberals - after all they stand for peace, love and organic farming, clean water, air and civil rights, and taking care of our seniors - obviously they are the problem - and not the powerful who have deregulated us into the worst depression in history for the sake of their singular pocket book and theirs alone.

Yo tough guys you're being played by the corrupt who don't give a hoot about you and you think you are one of them - you’re held in higher contempt than the liberals, hippies and progressives because you are dupes, easily manipulated by imagery and emotion whose vote can be coaxed into voting against your own self interest.

Its quite sad – how about trying another tactic next time around and stop falling for the same old rhetoric – its not jobs versus the environment but the environment = jobs.

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