Monday, November 01, 2010

Vote Democratic Across the Board

I usually advocate for voting for the best person - ignore the 'd' or 'r' after the candidates name. Vote for the best resume whether its the green party, libertarian, democratic or republican. But after two years of petulant, ridiculous, childish, stupid, republican behavior saying 'no' to practically everything, across the board regardless of merit or reason I can not take that approach this election cycle.

Blatant obstructionism while families were losing their homes and in the midst of a national crisis by the republicans is inexcusable and boarders on treason.

I will not split my vote this year. It's a straight democratic vote for me across the board. We need to hand the President a clear majority and deliver a message that we want the parties to pull together for the good of the Country. If in two more years of a full proof majority the democratic party can't govern then let the chips fall where they may.

But I can not sit by for another round of No votes based on nothing other than obstructionism, hoping the President fails, and praying the economy doesn't get better just to gain personal, individual and corporate power.

That may be what career politicians want but its not what I want.

Vote Democratic across the board and give our President a real chance to unleash the green energy economy. Boehner, McConnell had a chance to help shape legislation. They opted to stall and shaft all Americans in a go for broke attempt at power while hard working middle class families were kicked out of their homes.

It's disgusting and beneath contempt. Apparently the party of no does not have the dignity or maturity to put the Country first. Just because they are old white guys doesn't mean they get what's good for America is good for all Americans.

I'm asking that we the people do not reward that type of behavior. How are we going to change Washington D.C. if that's the type of behavior we reward?

Say NO to the Party of No and deliver the message that's NO WAY to run a Country.

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