Thursday, November 11, 2010

Republicans = Bullshit

Republicans are full of shit - ban earmarks already - big full of shit talkers. Where's your jobs bill Boehner - you mean you haven't worked on one yet? What the hell have you been doing up there besides going to the tanning salon? Tax cuts for billionaires do not work, have not ever worked and continue not to work or we wouldn't be in this recession because they have been getting them since REGAN.

The big decades long behind the door scheme is to starve the government of tax dollars to make it smaller and ineffective when it comes to oversight and the rule of law. A government with already historically low tax rates, a government in charge of oversight for a three hundred million strong market sector, a government in charge of oversight on a huge continent that spans two of our planets biggest oceans from sea to shining sea. The richest 2% want to starve it of capital so it can't do its job and they can get away with murder...literally.

What a great idea starve the cop on the beat. Now who would think of that? A bunch of would be criminals that's who.

The end result of this decades long experiment to starve the government to make it smaller is that government ends up being a better investment than tax breaks for billionaires.

Billionaires hoard the money in foreign banks. Our Government could have/would have invested and will invest those tax dollars back into our economy across a wide sector including defense, infrastructure, research and development and education. All of those capital investments pay REAL DIVIDENDS back to our Country which is who we pledge allegiance to - right?

Republicans are full of shit and represent thieves who would take our tax dollars to their off shore accounts and hold the dollars there forever.

Dollars are useless unless circulating.

That these billionaires and millionaires do not feel a loyalty even to the military that protects their interest overseas and the police and fire departments at home is criminal and Un-American.

Do you realize its the Democrats and LIBERALS who advocated for the GI Bill and increased benefits for our young boys and girls in the service?

The Republicans and Bush CUT benefits for our veterans and yet started two wars. Happy Veterans Day - right...?

The Republicans talk a good game but they are completely full of shit and its written all over their wormy faces.

You're looking the other way if you voted republican because liberals with their open minds, generosity, live and let live mentality and welcoming attitude scare you to death. As if your mom taught you not to share, not to look out for your younger brother and to not help old ladies across the street. The republicans actions not words repudiate all of that. But it is their actions that count and count large as in large bills going overseas. They sneer back through the television screen all the way to the bank. A foreign bank in another country.

Why would a segment of the population continually vote against their own self interest unless they have been fooled by words and images to align themselves and trust the very same people that are RIPPING THEM OFF.

The republicans are whores for the wealthy and proud of it.

Unless you are worth a hundred million dollars voting for them is just plain stupid. They do not represent God, they do not represent Jesus, they do not represent mother earth, regular folks, they do not represent blue collar workers, country music or nascar. They represent money, money, money and as much of it as they can get their hands on.

That's not governing that's stealing. But because they look like you and put on the affects that are near and dear to you like religiosity, proselytizing and flag waving you ignore the fact that they just want your vote and then kick you to the curb immediately after the election.

Republicans represent 2% of the our so called citizens who do NOT need our tax dollars but get them anyway.

It's a real waste of money. They gobble up all our resources for themselves, hide the money in Switzerland, Bermuda and the Caymans and do NOT reinvest that money into the USA.

They leave their mess of pollution from their industries and cancer derived from their products for the poor and middle class wage earners to clean up and deal with. These people the wealthiest among us the richest 2% who rape our land and legal system deserve to be hung for treason.

At the very least they need to pony up like the rest of us and pay the same tax rate that the rest of us pay. That's right middle America you pay a higher tax rate than Richie Rich.

Tax breaks for billionaires that's all that you get when you vote republican. Pat yourself on the back for voting with the 2% who don't give a damn about you or what your Mother taught you.

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