Thursday, April 29, 2010

Open Letter To the President - Gulf Oil Spill

Dear President Obama,
Please do not be blind to what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico. As a man of faith you have got to see the timing of this and the magnitude of this oil spill for what it is. I truly believe this is a universal moment, a sign post, an exclamation point that NOW without a doubt is the time to move away from dirty energy sources and not continue to subsidies them with enormous amounts of tax payer money.

The clean energy economy is where we need to go and the real powers that be are delivering their message loud and clear. Not only with the recent coal mining disaster which also took lives but with this our Nations and perhaps the Worlds worst oil spill ever. Please do not be stubborn.

When this oil washes up on the beaches the economy you have cobbled back together is going to take another drastic hit. The real long term success of our economy across the board depends on the real long term success of our environment.

Don't loose site of that fact even when playing politics.

Good luck,

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

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Mimi said...

Well put. I have already sent a few letters out.