Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Massey and the Evangelical from Hell - Blankenship

Blankenship is a zealot, a freak, a creep, who uses the political cover of conservatism to justify his ignorant, selfish, self serving loathsome behavior where he regards his employees and all that serve him as chattel. Blankenship thinks all politicians are chumps and his competitors morons. He's a cold hearted prick without any real sense of the world and planet we live on. He thinks his profit margin is his get out of jail free card for all of his atrocities to those in his immediate circle, those that work for him and those he doesn't know or care to know. He's Mr. Capitalism. Like a religion he champions an economic theory never separating out fact from fiction. Theory and myth somehow are reality capitalism and democracy somehow the same thing. In the face of science he denies all but his precious profit margin. I can't decide what's worse the ramifications of his actions on those he doesn't know or the ramification of his actions on those that trusted him enough to be employees, family members, business associates and acquaintances.

Blankenship and those like him, those justifying his corporate bravado, taking his money, justifying his arrogance and mischief, those people will be the demise of this Country. They always have been and always will be.

Bottom line if corporate america and transnational corporations don't want regulations they can clean up their act and stop acting like outlaws or as if they live in a vacuum. Until that day comes - if it ever comes- not only is it our right to protect our workers, environment, neighborhood, air, water, eco-system, and food supply, but it is our duty not only to god and each other but to ourselves, and we will find the politicians with the right stuff to legislate in context of our necessary global sustainability because our very health and well being depends on it any other course of action is not only foolhardy but just plain STUPID!

Corporations do not exist in a vacuum - markets do not exist in a vacuum. Every thought, deed and action has a ripple affect on the entire planet, and all the markets, and all that live here on this planet. A short sighted mentality is not rugged individualism, it is not romantic and it is not grudgingly admired. It is ignorant and destructive even to the CEO's themselves. It's the kind of thinking that will be the ruin of not only the Blankenship's and Massey's of the world but of us all.

When confronted by such people it is up to all of us (their wives, their children, their business associates, competitors, politicians and the public) to tell them they are wrong. If they do not take into consideration their actions in context of the entire macro-economic reality of the world and what exists outside of their office door their precious little deals netting them and them alone millions, and the societies we co-exist in - if they don't adjust accordingly then we will create laws to correct their ignorant behavior.

In other words as stated before if you don't want regulation corporate america and transnational corporations then clean up your act. Until that happens expect laws, regulation and law suits to correct your selfish short sighted screw you I'm making a deal and money so get out of my big projects way - attitude.

Self serving pricks do not have the right to run rough shod over the rest of us trying to peacefully co-exist with each other and our environment. That living within our means environmentally is vital to our survival is something any third grader can tell you is drastically important. Corporate self serving whores hiding behind the political theory of conservatism espousing oversight and the rule of law is wrong so they can get away with irresponsibility, corruption and malfeasance ARE THE PROBLEM.

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