Thursday, April 08, 2010

Health Care Plan Works For Real People

Watch the cynicism, and the hate and the stupidity! I know the health care plan isn't what I wanted. I wanted Medicare lowered to 55 and a buy in option for everyone else. That is the simple solution I pleaded for and that simple approach would have pumped money back into the system. I also STILL WANT the repeal of the anti-trust protection the insurance industry STILL enjoys. We need to make a helluva a lot of noise about that soon!

All that being said I wanted to pass this letter via the American Cancer Society on to you all:

From: Amy Wilhite
Date: April 1, 2010
Subject: What it means for us


Last week, the future changed for cancer patients -- and for my daughter Taylor.

Three years ago, Taylor was diagnosed with leukemia. She was only 8 years old. After a bone marrow transplant and three rounds of chemo, we discovered alarming news about our insurance plan. We’d just about reached Taylor’s lifetime limit for coverage and the insurance company would soon stop paying her medical bills.

My husband worked. We had health insurance. But we still faced losing our life savings and barely being able to support our other three children due to Taylor’s mounting and future medical bills.

But, thanks to you, all that changed last week when Congress passed meaningful health care reform.

No longer will insurance companies be allowed to put a price on the cost of saving a life. No longer will people with pre-existing conditions like cancer be denied coverage. No longer will there be arbitrary limits on annual and lifetime benefits.

Taylor’s cancer is in remission, but she’s still fighting the side effects from her medication and needs a hip replacement. I won’t have to make the heartbreaking choice: to spend the money for the surgery that will help her have a more comfortable life, or save the money in case the cancer comes back.

My family is living proof of the real effect legislation can have on the lives of cancer patients.

With deep gratitude from Taylor and our family,

Amy Wilhite

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