Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's Up Doc - Movie Review

I just saw this movie last night. The fact that I'm already posting something about this should tell you how much it was enjoyed. Originally released when I was a kid back in the 70's I might have tuned in for some of the mad cap scenes, but now sitting down as an adult well I think it was the mad cap scenes I still love. Actually the whole movie is goofball comedy. If you like 30 Rock you'll get a bang out of this. Having worked with researchers I howled at their portrayal in this wonderful farce.

Peter Bogdanovich out did himself. Buck Henry is the screen writer so you know you are getting fast paced dialogue and bananas type scenarios. Barbara Streisand plays it beautifully. I'm not a huge fan of Barbara's at all. The woman can flat out sing and I'm more a fan of her politics than her pictures. But I'm going to have to check that because she was fantastic.

The movie's a hoot there's a whole host of character actors you will recognize even if you do not know their names. And Ryan O'Neil and Madeline Kahn are just fun to watch in their off beat roles. Although for Madeline I'm not sure she ever toned it down for any of her movies.

Funny, silly, lighthearted, researchers competing for grant money, chase scenes and surprise entrances, classic mix ups, and fast delivery all the elements are here for an updated Marx Brothers movie. I guffawed at the slapstick timing and shots. This movie is a welcome relief from the overwrought, over the top, banal the industry keeps churning out year after year.

Classic, Classic Movie!
Add it to your Net Flix Queue - a five star recommendation!

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