Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Sanctity of Life

I heard back from one of my twit delegates. Apparently I spoke up about our State House of Delegates switching funding from a license plate dedicated to Planned Parenthood who solicited and got the License Plate approved for their non-profit to another unrelated group. That's right they just arbitrarily diverted the funds. You can get the whole backwater politics scandal from the local paper in the link above.

The delegate wrote to me in highbrow language about the "sanctity of life" his words. I could almost see his Sunday robes flowing. Look in this country you are free to believe what you want to believe and worship whatever and whenever you want if at all.

That "believers" of a religion any religion quote their attitudes as if they are scientific fact is harrowing. Religion is myth and guess what I believe in some of those myths.

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

However I don't need a "story" about a guy walking on water to convince me this world is special and the Earth and all that is in it should be revered. I didn't put all this here, and whatever did has got some serious chops.

All that being said the "believers" of whatever myth religion they choose run around and quote their particular myth system as if it is science a.k.a. knowable fact.

Religion is not science and religion makes a lousy system for governing. A one size fits all world we are not.

Governing needs to be done from a practical point of view. Reality has to be dealt with realistically. Well meaning myth related responses to actual civic problems sometimes make the situation on the ground worse.

And in case you didn't notice we are on the ground, on a planet and our collective behavior of greed, war, and lawlessness doesn't exactly reflect the myth of heaven.

Man is the problem and continues to be. So what did I tell this pin head who had the audacity to claim the moral high ground because he believes in a myth based dogma of contradictory legends. Has anybody actually read the Bible?

It's not all bunny rabbits and butterfly's. I told this kool-aid swallowing political office seeker that his phrase "sanctity of life" was a religious view.

That he probably supported the death penalty and supported shooting wolves from helicopters (so much for the sanctity of life). That he probably underfunded education and didn't hold polluters accountable (so much for the sanctity of life), that he didn't support health care for all, and supported a lawless market system that ripped of grandmas retirement money (so much for the sanctity of life), that he probably supported resource wars in Iraq, and didn't think twice about the innocent civilians blasted to smithereens by our military presence both bases and men in their countries(so much for the santity of life).

I called this twit out on being a hypocrite and that his religion would look the other way if his teenage daughter got pregnant or his 50 year old wife.

I told him Freedom of Choice is an American Value born through wars and the fight for Independence. That a Theocracy State and how he governed equaled Tehran. That a secular state equals America.

I told him that he should govern in a secular fashion and to try being practical and recognize teenagers get pregnant, and that teenagers make lousy parents, and lousy parents make lousy citizens who might end up on death row - at which time then it is okay to kill them in his world view.

I told him families should be planned and that god the creator whatever you want to call the unknown creative force that put all of everything here in front of our eyes also gave us brains to make choices, suffering for consequences, elation for joy, and free will to exercise.

We are not zombies switching off our brains and just to obey some specious, mythical, story telling, and submit willing to and fund other men dressed up as if they are somehow not just men in robes lighting candles.

Self appointed communicators with god are heretics in the truest sense of the word. God speaks to everyone. Its called your conscience.

I told him he doesn't have the moral high ground that he thinks he has and until he practices the golden rule - do unto others as you would have them do unto you (or your panicked, distraught, teenage daughter) then he doesn't have a clue. And that it would be best if he didn't try to legislate his religious myth based hypocrisy onto the whole entire fabric of our State let alone Country. Unless of course he wants armed insurrection because that is always what happens when you enslave men in chains of theocracy or steel.

People do not want to be told what to do by the State. They want the State to protect them from people who would dictate to everyone.

And from planned parenthood who makes room for everyone's "beliefs" to provide safe and accurate care and information so that each individual can make an informed choice based on their own beliefs, circumstances, needs, desires, judgment and situation(s) as varied as the wind:

"Our mission is to ensure that individuals and families have the freedom, information, and ability to make their own informed reproductive choices. We believe that each individual has a basic right to control his/her reproductive life. Individual control will lead to a better quality of life and stronger families and communities. Reproductive health decisions must be voluntary and private".

Now that's what I call the sanctity of "LIFE" - my fine fellow delegate should be so wise of an American.

I often thought that before they get sworn in no matter local, state or federal that all politicians go through an american history and civics class where they are required to actually read the Federalist Papers. Maybe then they won't be so easily corrupted and given over to ideas and political footballs just to get elected.

Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, and Hamilton try to remember those guys when governing.

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