Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Hunting as Recreation

There is a lack of reverence for nature by a few. There has to be a mind set change a slight one. The whole romantic idea of rugged individualism the frontiersman hunting his own food, supporting his family and defending his ranch is fine, but when it morphs into hunting as a hobby whether its a wolf or any other animal then it becomes recreation.

And sorry Ted Nugent unless you are eating every last morsel of what you hunt and turning hides into clothing at your for profit ranch ($7500 just to hang out with Ted - really - yep you got the American dream licked all right cha ching $$$!) you are a complete hypocrite. Unless you are eating every morsel Ted, and using every inch of hide and those hunting with you too Mr. Madman you are nothing but a bunch of hot air and hypocrites. There is no rah, rah USA rugged individualism at the benignly named sunrize acres. Just a bunch of yahoos with high powered guns getting their rocks off.

Once it becomes recreation and/or it involves alcohol then it ceases to be rugged individualism and survival of the fittest, and just something to do to pass the time. At that point we all need to recalibrate.

No ones right to recreate trumps sustainability. On another level it would be nice if we all were extremely aware of and realize this world and all of us and everything in it are gods creation. Man created none of this. We are mere residents, tenants subject to our own demise through our own devices whether its commerce, vice or stupidity. Put here by some unknown creative power (ourselves included) we need to pause from learned behavior and see how we are applying that behavior.

I am not an anti culling person. Proper management of ALL our resources will insure long term sustainability not only for our four legged friends but our two legged ones as well.

We need to live in balance with the world as presented to us. It can be done and if done well a sustainable ecosystem leads to a sustainable economy and a sustainable world for all.

Reckless abandonment applied to any habit, hobby, practice, or lifestyle is mind numbingly short sighted. Heck even too much exercise can ruin you, as well as overeating, drinking, and smoking. Too much television can turn your brain to mush and make you a zombie for someone else's ideas and a mark and pawn for the advertising of product and ideas reduced to sound bites. That's not very smart is it to accept everything coming off the tube as gospel, and to invite those crooks and liars into your living room - every night - and to just sit there passively like its a time share presentation. D'oh I'll take two.

Too much hunting has a domino effect, like too much pollution.

Now we don't have enough bees to pollinate? That seems insignificant right bees (ha, ha) those little annoying stingers good riddance right - WRONG - they directly impact our food supply and play a more than vital role in our food chain. They are responsible for the pollination of approximately one third of the United States' crop species, including such species as almonds, peaches, soybeans, apples, pears, cherries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, watermelons, cantaloupes, cucumbers and strawberries. Their demise would wreck havoc and be an economic nightmare to our whole economy.

Ignorance is not bliss and being stupid is definitely not cool.

Lack of moderation is making a wreck of the world, our country, our mountains and valleys, our water, our air, our people, and our soil and food.

So as an old friend told me long ago - EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. Those old sayings pack a lot of wisdom and quite frankly if applied across the board even into politics we would all be living a better life in a better world.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home
Defender of Wildlife

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