Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wear a Condom Save a Planet - Being Stupid is NOT Cool!!!!

As a strident environmentalist now for over forty years I leaped at the opportunity to take part in the great condom giveaway by the Center for Biological Diversity. The overpopulation issue runs in cycles with the american consciousness. This is not the first time this issue has been brought to our attention. Unfortunately the stick your head in the sand crowd has tried to revive their ancient forms of control (religion) through abstinence only programs that rely on making and keeping people stupid.

By choosing to take a more responsible approach towards our reproductive behavior and loosing the frat boy mentality that our actions don't add up to anything we can ensure a healthy future for our planet and each other.

Our folly is our own. Our success or failure about living within our means is up to us. There are no guarantees. We are the architects of our own ruin or success. Understanding the planet and how it works and our impact upon it leads us to two roads sustainability or destruction. There are so many liars out there making the wrong decisions for the wrong reasons and so many gullible people out there believing them education is the key.

I'm not sugar coating it anymore we have entered the sixth mass extinction event in the planets history but this time the cause is not geological or cosmic, but human overpopulation. All of the key factors that pose the gravest threats to threatened and endangered species land use change due to urban and industrial development, competition for water and other resources, environmental contamination, and climate change are driven by the pressure of 6.8 billion people and growing on this planet.

Global population is projected to reach 9 billion by 2050, but absent efforts to make BIRTH CONTROL widely available, it could reach as high as 15 billion. That number is far beyond the Earths carrying capacity.

250,000 people are added to the planet EACH DAY!

The combination of rapid population growth and extremely high levels of consumption makes the United States beyond STUPID and a key factor in the overpopulation equation.

The London School of Economics recently concluded that investing in making birth control available to all the people of the world who want it is nearly five times as cost effective as controlling greenhouse gas emissions through technology.

50% of all pregnancies in the United States (40% world wide) are unintended, meaning that universal access to birth control would provide a crucial means of reducing unsustainable fertility rates.

Absentee management does not work. Sticking our heads in the sand and hoping it gets better doesn't work. We need to properly and effectively manage all aspects of our daily, personal, national and global lives.

We are not marionettes we have been given brains to use and free will to enact upon. Outdated and archaic morals used in the past centuries to control behavior do not apply and are not useful or even relevant in a modern world. They are often ignored but education and facts backed by science and embraced by the whole of society if part of our daily discourse will lead to success and sustainability.

The education and empowerment of women to choose when to bear children and how many to bear is crucial.

The octomom is an embarrassment of ignorance, and an example of extreme stupidity and further proof that an unregulated market is reckless and unconscious of its end results.

The small narrow paradigm of profit that no other reality outside of making money exists is wreaking havoc on our lives through war, environmental degradation, the extinction and elimination of our food chain through the death of our pollinators, overfishing, and the poisoning of our beef through factory farming. The poisoning of our water, air and soil all spreads the onslaught of cancer as we re-ingest the poisons we have willingly spread into our food chain.

So wrap that rascal and educate your children about sex, unintended pregnancies last a life time, and use birth control in its many forms both to prevent and terminate unintended pregnancies. The responsibility of raising a child is a life time commitment. Sticking your head in the sand doesn't solve anything. Denial is a curse of epic proportions.

Good luck citizens you need all of it you can get in your uneducated, look the other way, hope for the best narcissistic, distracted and deluded stupor that consumes your every waking moment.

Be conscious of YOUR world and be aware of YOUR planet and find out what is going on behind closed doors both politically and personally or we only hurt ourselves. There is no OTHER planet to escape to - we make our own beds and ignorance is NOT bliss, or affordable. Being stupid is NOT cool. It makes you easier to manipulate by those whose only concern is the small narrow paradigm of increasing profit no matter what the cost, and there is always a multitude of costs and unintended and purposely ignored consequences.

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