Thursday, February 25, 2010

Green Products Innovations - While Congress Sleeps

As we fixate on politics, politicians and infotainment I really hope OUR President gets through to the Defenders of Well Point and their Republican, Democratic and Media Fraud Outlets. While the astro-turf corporate media whips up frenzy and so called tea baggers, and while Corporate America consolidates and tries to corner every market there is I implore the powers that be to wake up, look around and start funding and investing in the green energy and technology revolution that is ripping across the globe. America is overwhelmingly represented and controlled by the Status Quo and they are completely and utterly asleep at the wheel!

Here's just some of the green tech innovations from 2009 by E Magazine:

Z5™: If independent laboratory tests prove that it works, the Z5 Global Group’s power-efficiency booster, a little pie-shaped alloy cylinder, could be retrofitted on any gas or diesel engine…cutting fuel consumption by up to 40%, increasing horsepower by 10% or better and reducing air pollution in the bargain.

SeriousWindows™ : Serious Materials boasts windows that deliver performance four times higher than current Energy Star standards. They soak up waste heat from commercial building appliances, and can even serve as the main heat source in certain applications.

Zenith Solar Z20 Energy Farm: Using curved mirrors that can collect five times more than ordinary solar collectors, the Z20 produces both electric and thermal energy, making solar power cost competitive against fossil fuels for the first time.

The Acadia™: Hallowell International’s combined heating and cooling system for commercial buildings helps save up to 70% on energy costs by maintaining 200% efficiency even when outdoor temperatures drop below 0°F.

Inventions we could see “on the shelf” as early as 2015 include a tankless SCUBA system that enables humans to breathe underwater; infrared cancer detection, and cancer surgeries done non-invasively using ultrasound; bio-engineered blood vessels that make bypass surgery obsolete; and a “safe” way to clean up and dispose of nuclear wastes called PGM (Plasma-Gasifica-tion-Melting), which transforms radioactive material into inert material and gases that can be used to fuel gas turbine electric power plants - PGM Maker The EER Company

The choice is OURS tax payers - its your money WAKE UP CONGRESS - Pick up a phone, send an email, write your newspaper - today!

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