Friday, February 26, 2010

Too Bad America - Democracy and Capitalism are NOT the Same Thing.

People believe what they want to believe and they see things in a way to support their own point of view something that props up how they have organized internally the world and reality around them. It is a rare man that is objective, honest and doesn't thrive on stoking his ego or quake at something or some one who challenges his beliefs. Until we produce those types of values in people AGAIN in our society and honor them in our schools and promote them in our businesses and institutions we will all suffer at the hands of the over inflated blustering of the hyper ego, bully, loud mouth syndrome that postures honesty and objectiveness but operates by deceit and corruption for their own gain period.

In other words honesty is all out of fashion. Schmoozing and game playing to get to the top, lying, cooking the books, outlawing laws and proclamations of virtue where hypocrisy is blatant have crippled this country.

Too bad for America that it has let the loud and aggressive trump the reasoned and objective. Too bad for America that it sold out its values to bully's and arrogance. Too bad for America it let it's President get his head blown off back in 1962. We haven't been the same since.

Back in high school I never turned the keys over to the loudest, biggest most aggressive tool because I knew we would only get in a wreck or pulled over. Not much about life has changed. Being stupid isn't cool, and neither is being corrupt or a phony. It only leads to the same old bad ending. Smarten up America putting those types of people in charge of our media, corporations and government will only lead to the same old bad ending.

You have been sold a bill of goods.

Ignorance is Not Bliss

Democracy and Capitalism are NOT the same thing.

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