Friday, July 17, 2009

Energy is a National Security Issue - Bigger Than Oil, Coal and Nuclear's Self Interest

The hold out legislatures on Capital Hill need to get with the program. Big Oil had one hundred years of profit taking and subsidies and the last eight years of complete free reign to use our government, treasure, and troops any way they wanted. Their little free for all set us back mightily.

The talking heads on Fox (Fixed) News need to shut up, wake up and stop whoring themselves out to an old set of arcane ideas that have outlived their usefulness.

The Status Quo needs to get with the program or get out of our way.

Solar energy is coming and the leading proponent is the Pentagon!

Hey all you chicken hawk haters of the environment, haters of clean water, air and food, all of you greedy over fishers and spoilers of the planet, all of you extractors of minerals and polluters of drinking water, and all of you tree tearers and animal slaughterers I've got news for your thick skulls and damned souls - YOU COULDN'T BE MORE WRONG about everything.

You are looking at the world and yourself completely backwards.

You are destroying your own selves (along with the rest of us) by thinking you're above it all, and by all I mean what was put here not by your hand. You have no idea what you are doing or talking about because your premise is all wrong. Your starting position from your thought process is completely 180 degrees backwards. Me first is wrong. I'm just one person so what does it matter is WRONG.

I know, I know you are all so impressed with your manly accomplishments. The pyramids, big deal make a planet, your glass enclosed office buildings, make an Eco- system, your guns, create a sun.

Your ego is so out of whack you don't realize you barely control your own actions. Having trouble putting that drink down Mr. Big Shot? Cheating on your wife Senator enjoy the divorce? How's that cigarette taste want another one? What whacking off again, road rage, molesting children Bishop? You can not even control your own miserable little lives and behavior none of us are all that.

We need to dial it down quick and get some global humility in the face of the actual reality we live in, and the precarious nature of our existence. Our Earthly orbit goes off a degree or two, slows down, or moves slightly closer to the sun we are cooked, literally. We need to be walking around with a helluva a lot more respect for our place in the Universe and on this planet and with each other. We couldn't be farther off base with our attitudes than we are now today!

The premise you geniuses, you captains of industry should be operating from is that we are on a tiny speck of rock with a thin layer of air in an enormous and beyond vast, infinite universe, surrounded by billions and billions of universes with no other means of survival than this tiny, infinitely small and remote barely there planet.

You guys don't see the big picture at all. It's laughable if it wasn't so STUPID. Do you all still think we are the center of the Universe? Hell we aren't even the center of our solar system.

Look you morons think grain of sand, speck of dust. That's our Earth and that's what sustains us not your giant corporation, your bank account, your dick, or your dogma. How stupid do you have to be not to realize that any pollution is wrong, any pollution is a step towards self destruction through cancer and toxins in our water ways and then in our blood streams. If it pollutes our Earth it pollutes our bodies. Every action has repercussions. You idiots think you are separate from nature, lord dominion over the beasts, we don't operate in a vacuum. WAKE UP!

Oil, Coal, Nuclear are all archaic, outdated, and poisonous forms of dirty energy. Their by products are cancer, war, and global warming. If the phrase global warming sets you all a twitter try the concept called POLLUTION. Dirty energy sources do not mix well with our survival and health as a species or our survival as a Country or our regional survival dependent on tourism.

That's right tourism you idiots. It's a huge economic driver and generator.

So the idea of blasting mountain tops into streams that would be better used for fly fishing and drinking than a waste dump and a cesspool is a bad idea.

The idea of oil rigs spewing waste water, decimating fish populations and disrupting and poisoning our food chain is a bad idea.

Drill baby drill spilling oil onto our beaches and turning our water brown is a bad idea, ignorant, stupid and decidedly last century. Any further development and subsidies given to those industries is just hush money until we come online with solar thermal.

Hey idiots North America's largest solar thermal array is housed at Nellis Air Force Base. You would know that if you had clicked on the link you just skipped over.

Just like the government spearheaded the development of the internet by investing in it Solar Thermal and Soar Energy are finally, finally, finally on it's way thanks to the PENTAGON and the common sense of the hippies. Yes the hippies who know where they live (on a planet not a Country Club) and aren't driven to self destruction by a blown up malfunctioning ego and over sense of self.

That's right boys and girls your government realizes that corporations don't have our back or our best interest at heart. Unclogging the log jam of whores in Congress from big Texas Oil and the legacy of the Nazi money launderer Prescott Bush, the genius who not only gave us Nixon, but his retarded cowboy son the Pentagon has finally taken the bull by the horns because it's a national security issue you freakin' idiots.

We're going to have solar energy and it's coming to a town, orbit near you. Hey corporate geniuses and sycophants with your alarming lack of vision I'll throw you a bone. You might want to INVEST ... NOW...morons.

7/15/2009 - BROOKS CITY-BASE, Texas (AFNS) -- By 2015, solar thermal energy will provide at least 30 percent of the hot water in new and heavily renovated federal buildings.

For the Air Force, it will be the job of officials at the Brooks Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment, as managers of the service's military construction, or MILCON, program, to ensure that its facilities comply with the provisions of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. Read More

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