Friday, July 31, 2009

Doc Watson & David Holt Way To Be!

Doc and David are an example of what is good about this country, this world and people in general. Their thirst for knowledge, discovery, sharing of knowledge and pursuit of new experiences, vistas and vantage points, their positive outlook, their creativity and their ability to overcome obstacles, their good nature, their talent, their openness, kindness and their honesty is the root of real enlightenment and strength, and fulfillment. They are examples of how to be as people - let alone musicians.

Long live that spirit of cooperation, humbleness, kindness and strength. The strength in knowing you can let the other guy be number one. The strength in the confidence and integrity of your own being even if the other guy is singing lead is essential to collaboration both personally, musically, in business and among nations, and leads to a sum greater than it's separate parts. This is the lesson and the vision in which we all need to achieve our greater goals and live the lives our creator, any creator would want for their creation.

The chest thumping short sighted, short term, bravado of me first is a losers game that ends in destruction as aptly demonstrated time and again by nations, leaders and people from all walks of life.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

Doc & David Interview

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