Thursday, July 16, 2009

Corporate Media Controls Your Opinions

You may think that you arrived at your own opinions on your own but with a land, sea, and air attack that rivals any science fiction novel big corporate media has got you by the (eye)balls.

Just FIVE COMPANIES control what we watch, hear and read EVERY DAY. Disney, Time Warner, News Corp, GE/NBC and CBS Viacom (Sumner Redstone).

It's not an accident and happened while you were ummm distracted by Brittney, Michael, and Dancing With The Stars. The Corporate game plan for your mind sprung into action a long time ago, and it's going to take a big effort to undo their consolidating, conglomerate monopoly on your opinions.

Don't get mad at yourself for being so gullible. Education has been dumbed down so far that you aren't even sure how your brain works. The marketers know. Remember when you were in kindergarten and you learned by repetition and memorization. Some called it the old boring method. Repeat slowly after me your opinions are not your own. They are repeated mantras seeped into your being by the wallpaper and noise that is our media outlets the TV, Radio and Newspapers going 24 hours a day.

Stop and think about that and imagine if the content was different, classical music, visual arts like Monet and Van Gogh and public forums like C-Span playing all the time - and all the other stuff disappeared. Imagine if movies were less violent in fact no guns at all. Imagine if meat wasn't whats for dinner. It's all advertising folks and what we absorb into our brains needs to be monitored by our own selves or we just become dupes and minions of the powers that be.

From CEO's huffing and puffing the latest RNC Fixed (FOX) news spin to Washington D.C. lawyers quoting the Heritage Foundation and Middle America repeating verbatim what they see and hear on TV - independent thought has gone out with independent media. Say it ain't so Joe!

The people clamoring for power (politicians) are whoring themselves out to the big money corporations who own the media, who control the content and greatly influence a very pliable, overstimulated and glued to the tube populace. Turn off the TV and go to a PTA meeting would be my advice.

It is the media fueled by a handful of Corporations who own media conglomerates who control the content of your newspaper, television, and radio. They promote their own interest to the detriment of the Country. Country First my ass!

Let's go over some facts:

The average american spends over 4 hours a day watching TV
93 percent of american adults listen to the radio every week
88 percent of online americans say the internet is a part of their daily routine
The average teenager spends more hours per year watching TV than in School
On average an american child will view 40,000 commercials per year

Those stats are quite frankly obscene.

And from Lowry Mays past CEO of Radio giant Clear Channel Communications I quote, "If anyone said we were in the radio business, it wouldn't be someone from our company. We're not in the business of providing news and information. We're not in the business of providing well- researched music. We're simply in the business of selling customers products."

It's pretty sad that our national public airways serve no greater purpose than to hawk the snuggie.

More facts:
1 billion dollars is the amount the communication industry has spent to lobby congress since 1998 ...100 million a year.
39 Million - the amount AT&T has given in campaign contributions to members of congress over the past ten years
453 Billion - the estimated worth of the publicly owned airwaves that are used by broadcasters for free - no cost - zero, zilch, nothing back to the american tax payers.

More facts
Since 1975 two thirds of independent newspaper owners have disappeared
99 percent of all residential broadband connections(99%)are provided by incumbent cable or telecom companies

When radio first began a third of all stations were run by nonprofit groups. Many others sold airtime to citizens for their own use. Less than 5 percent would be considered commercial but once the Federal Radio Commission was formed nonprofit stations have dropped to 2 percent and advertising went balistic from a marginal activity to being huge in just a few years.

Federal policies shaped the system and that's how it can change.

Do you want to help bring freedom of thought, independence and democracy back to the airwaves? Do you want a more thoughtful population bringing democracy and the people back to the "table" - that right now is a limited reserved seating affair for the wealthiest 1% who control our democracy and legislative process? Do you want America of the people, by the people, for the people?

If your answer is yes click here to visit the "Free Press" Home Page for more information and ways you - yes YOU can help.

Your Country Needs You - get active, participate today!

Paul Burke
Author - Journey Home

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