Monday, February 09, 2009

Lionizing The Regan Legacy

Celebrate Arbor day - the trees are more important than any President or ideological dogma will ever be.

Lionizing Regan for governing for the richest 1% only makes sense if you are a billionaire. Otherwise you are just a thoughtless wannabe.

This is a Republic with democratic principles of representation. If only the rich are represented the politicians aren't doing the job. Trickle down was/is the biggest fraud ever foisted on the American public - all trickle down means is that the rich hoard everything and reinvest like a leaky faucet trying to fill up a lake. A trickle is just that - and it ain't much.

Rugged individualism, dog eat dog, free market economy will cure all is childish rhetoric that abandons principled responsibility of oversight and ethics.

Deregulation is just a fancy word for lawlessness.

Without an equitable and sustainable footing the markets will self destruct through greed and selfishness, and that is exactly what is happening.

Don't worship politicians or economic and political theory use your common sense.

Overfishing, polluting your drinking water, nuclear waste piling up with no way of getting rid of it...what are we doing?

When we rig the system to enhance special interest all the special interest are doing is advancing their individual business models - without an eye towards the big picture, the global realities of sustainability and equity necessary for our very survival as a species.

All the wars are fought over the haves and have nots. They dress them up in ideology to win converts and make soldiers. Steer clear of ideology and govern from practical reality.

That's the only way to ensure we do not screw the whole thing up. If anyone starts speaking ideological mumbo jumbo to you whether its economics, politics or religion tell them to shut the hell up and mind their own business.

Common sense is the only way people.

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