Friday, February 20, 2009

The Glorification of the Stupidity of America

When will it end this fashion of being stupid, vapid,and empty headed? When will it end the overfishing, mountaintop removal, nuclear waste, 12 mpg.

When did being stupid, buying clothes that don't fit, binge drinking and the lack of personal responsibility become okay? Why is stooopid cool? There must be this underlying urge to just chuck personal responsibility as if being a good citizen, a responsible person to yourself and your community is wrong. How is it hip or funny to chuck your fast food trash out the window? These things are stupid, they have consequences and they affect everyone. This whole notion that being a stupid, drunk, loudmouth, liar or lets take it up a notch unethical, cheat is our role model for personal validation and victory, something to achieve, a macho supremacy. This being stupid of course forgets one thing - the only thing you are supreme at is being a supreme idiot.

Let's refresh being a supreme idiot means you don't understand how your government works, how your taxes get distributed, or why the rain fall is necessary. Being stupid means you don't understand that being a bad neighbor with trash on your front lawn lowers the value of your own home and your neighbors home. Being stupid means you do not understand the tax code and are probably over taxed, probably over spend, and probably are poor. Being stupid means you can not get a good job and that you are gullible and believe that only the truth comes out of the television. Being stupid means you do not read and thus learn nothing which is the whole mechanism for being stupid - failure to learn. Guess what none of it is cool.

Being stupid isn't just the realm of the poor. Rich people in abundance are being fleeced by being greedy which is a form of stupidity, because everyone knows being greedy is bad. Rich people are bankrupting their own companies on get rich quick schemes and doing away with the very laws that protect THEIR OWN investments and market places they so rely on.

Are we done being stupid yet? Are we done thinking about the doughnut but not about the hole? Are we done thinking our personal actions only affect ourselves? Are we done thinking there is anything to gain in a two party system that fights with each other over ideology and political footballs instead of actually managing our government in a solvent, fair, equitable and sustainable way?

Guess what people smart is sexy, smart is intelligent, smart is comprehending, smart is capable, smart is coherent, smart is successful, and smart is more fun.

The choice is yours buy into the dumbing down and glorification of stupidity and be ripped off by those not wanting you to know what is going on, or get a clue and live a smart, great life.

Stupid is not cool, is not earthy, and is devoid of common sense. Stupid is as stupid does and a lot of supposedly right thinking people have just been plain stupid and we are all suffering the consequences - except those of us smart enough to well you know - live within our means, not buy into whatever it is they are selling, think for ourselves and be smart. It's okay it's cool.

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