Friday, October 10, 2008

Resource Wars - Oil, Bush, McCain & Palin

Just keep your eye on the ball people - these are resource wars we are fighting and our troops are protecting oil lines and the particular heads of state that keep the oil flowing to the west. The terrorist want us off their land, they have issues with their governments who we are protecting. Until we stop using oil as an energy source we will have resource wars, global warming and oil dictating how we spend our tax dollars.

Oil is a war magnet and it's only going to get worse. Bush has spent us into a financial melt down dumping all of our money into Iraq to control the oil. If those monthly billions would have been used to grow future clean energy technologies instead of holding onto the past we wouldn't be in this mess now and have more economic players on our economic monopoly board.

Solar Thermal is ready to go and we need the political will to build it and get it on line. We sent men to the Moon we can certainly dial down and eliminate our use of oil. The fact remains though that those who are reaping unbelievable profits from oil are in control of our country. Knowing that, realizing that Bush = Texas = Oil = McCain (surrounded by Bush operatives) = Palin (Alaska - the state is totally subsidized by oil money)- connecting the Oil dots - NOW - decide who gets your vote.

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