Tuesday, October 07, 2008

David Jacobs-Strain

Let's not forget music and the unseen, the infinite commingling with the finite, lets not forget in our mired down world of lies, corruption, hatred, disregard, and intolerance, let's not forget music. While I have been practically retching all over myself in response to the bare faced lies coming from Mr. McCain and Mrs. Palin and the return of gutter politics, while I have howled at the absurd behavior of an electorate that thinks the President of the United States is a beauty pagent, popularity contest, while I have wondered allowed do we even deserve this planet as we blast wolves and bears from helicopters with high powered rifles, and coax the poor and frustrated to blow themselves up along with other innocent people in our quest for greed, power and control, while I marvel at the sheer unenlightened behavior of self destruction and fraud in the throes of these tumultuous times I am still reminded of the beauty of it all.

Whether it's a crisp, clear, fall morning or the beauty of a heartfelt musicians song the world reminds me constantly and in a moment forever in a day that there is something larger going on than man's ego, hunger, and drive for power and control. All the more reason to revere this EARTH and protect, nurture, guard, preserve it with the utmost of our very being, intention, action and breath, and strive (with failure as not an option) to live in a pure and sustainable fashion. It is the only path that will fulfill us with all the other achievements of fame, money and power as vapid and empty.

One such musician reminding me of the call of something larger than ourselves like an Osprey on the wind is David Jacobs-Strain. I've been listening to his album Ocean or a Teardrop all morning. This young man is beyond great. If you like world music, the blues, smart lyrics, Leo Kotkee-esque, John Hammond type ripping fret work and a soulful voice taking you places outside yourself then give this talent a listen. You just might forget about all the hypocrisy, lies and worthless noise spilling from the mouths of those who are vapid and empty and only in it for themselves - "you betchya"

Ocean Or A Teardrop

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