Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Barack Obama & John McCain Debate Two

Some thoughts from last night:

Obama is far more Presidential. He is head and shoulders more dignified and Presidential than even Ronald Regan. His conduct, his grasp of the issues, are his ideas. This man is a born leader and he is intelligent. A quality desperately needed at the top. He is able to communicate his ideas effectively because they are his ideas and a product of his own research and contemplation. McCain and Palin are puppets spouting talking points force fed to them by handlers who's only goal is to remain in power and continue reaping the personal benefits of that power.

What in Sarah Palin's personality lets her imply Barack is a terrorist? That's not leadership, that's not Presidential, that's just a character flaw. A lack of integrity, a lack of honesty, disingenuous and not deserving of our trust.

These people (McCain, Palin and their handlers) just want to win and will say anything to win. John McCain has been flip flopping and flailing around like a fish on a dock. In years past the republican party loyalist would be calling him out for that if he was a democrat. I actually feel sorry for McCain who so blatantly has sold out. That picture of him hugging Bush makes me sick after the working over Bush and Rove did to him in South Carolina.

I hope the true Conservatives kick these neo-con fascist and freedom hating zealots out of their party and balance the budget already. It's the democrats who are fiscally more responsible. That alone should cause an uproar in the Grand Oil Party. Viewer alert. The Sundance Channel has been featuring "Crude Awakening". If you haven't viewed this documentary watch it now they nailed it completely.

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