Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Station Agent - Movie Review

If you were on the bubble about renting this movie go ahead and take the chance. I can highly recommend it, and it comes with some mighty high praise. But ignore the reviews nothing short of the Beatles reuniting with John and George could live up to the overblown hyperbole. It's not the movies fault. That being said lower your expectations a bit, relax and get ready for a terrific film.

This is an understated movie that has a calm running through it that Peter Dinklage easily conveys and brings to the screen. Patricia Clarkson another gifted actor who you might remember from the Untouchables (Kevin Costner) brings another dignified role to life. She has to balance two calamities and still come off charming and beguiling. Bobby Cannavale is great as the gregarious soul who won't let these two tragic figures forget about the upside the day brings.

Peter Dinklage is the star here and doesn't tip toe around the prejudice or rather ignorance the world greats him with every morning. He not only has a lot to teach but a fair share to learn. So thankfully the writers and director do not paint him as perfect. Through it all this is a quiet, sometimes loud, sweet, sometimes angry poignant movie. The other supporting actors including the child Peter interacts with and Michelle Williams are cast beautifully. The themes and tone of this movie weave out from deservedly dark places but life rolls on and everybody loves trains!

Paul Burke
Author - Journey Home

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