Friday, January 04, 2008

The Long Goodbye - Movie Review

Robert Altmans tung in cheek Film Noir detective movie ambles along at a wonderful pace, and takes a few twist and turns. Great characters, setting and scenes punctuate this droll take on a 50's gum shoe in 1970's California. Elliot Gould (that's okay by me) or Rip Van Marlow as the character implies - seems to sleep walk through a crazy world - from his perspective. Unable to get a bead on things Elliot never lets em see him sweat and pursues head long into and on his instincts. You can tell this is a 70's movie as Henry Gibbson plays an evil psychiatrist emasculating his patient (or is that client). Anyway great one liners and the rebirth of one of my favorite old time sayings "BALLS" just swept me along. Hint's of sexual over tones - nude yoga and the juxtaposition that Altman usually thrives on presents itself with ease. We wonder along with Gould -"what the hell is wrong with these people" turns out that despite the trappings of time and fashion it's the same old damn thing that's always been wrong with us - just in wider lapels. I loved all the characters as caricatures and Elliot's water off a ducks back approach.

I highly recommend this lark for film buffs and casual fans. By far my favorite Elliot Gould performance.

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