Tuesday, January 29, 2008

State of the Union Rebuttal

Even McCain is ashamed of the "pigs at the trough" mentality the oh so conservative, fiscal giants (sarcasm) of the republican party have demonstrated with their massive abuse of the earmark system, and the Clinton surplus turned into a 9 trillion dollar deficit. The fact that the democrats and the Clinton's have a better track record regarding the economy is hilarious compared to the decades long rhetoric of fiscal responsibility by the Repubs.

They loose all credibility with the public (believe me they have) except for those that think running the country is a team sport (repubs v.s. dems). If voters would just vote their pocket book and pay attention to their local representatives we could clean up this mess by sending reputable people to the House, Senate and White House.

The missing word in all of this behind closed door dealing, scandal, death, "terror", fear, mismanagement, greed, corruption, and duplicitous word game, mumble speak from W is the word INTEGRITY. We could all use a healthy dose of that into our political process. Sadly I don't even think Obama's got enough integrity for the system. But it would be interesting to see a real majority in congress with him as President have as much free reign as the Repubs have had over the past eight years.

So what have we America become in our lifetime? Gone are the days of the Walter Cronkite's replaced with Bill O'Reily's. Do you really think the antics of FOX (swift boating) the lazy reporting of just passing the spin on, and the politics of destruction are an example of greatness?

We beat on our chest, tell the world how great we are, how wrong everyone else is, and "we're gonna put a boot in your ass" (that's not a George M. Cohan lyric) if we don't get our way. While behind closed doors our so called "leaders" siphon off our hard earned tax dollars into their off shore accounts.

America has become every man, woman, and child for themselves. The concept of rugged individualism on steroids, and there is nothing great, honorable or smart about any of it.

Paul Burke
Author - Journey Home

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