Friday, October 05, 2007

Air Powered Car vs. Mid East Oil and Texas

It's here already cars that run on air. You didn't expect the oil whores in the White House to tell you about it or the press Corporate America controls? They know. They are keeping it quiet to make the very last penny off of the remaining oil in the ground. If Texas has it's way not until the oil completely dries up will big energy in this Country give up the ghost. To hell with the Polar Bears were trying to get oil to a $100.00 dollars a barrel. While that attitude serves the limited interest of less than 1% of the worlds population the rest of us are moving ahead. The race is on India, and France both have cars that run on AIR! That's right compressed air!

Check out the links below and then start calling your representatives. It's time to break the log jam of control of our Nation's power. It's time to have a more representative government that thinks outside the box, and stops hoarding all of everything for themselves. It would be nice to get our environment and health back along with a booming economy based on innovation and a real free market as opposed to this limp wristed economy of tax breaks for the super rich and their trickle down propaganda. We need the flood gates open. A trickle down economy is just that a trickle to protect the greedy from sharing!

Air Car Videos
Wikipedia reference (lots of links)
Popular Mechanics Article
How Stuff Works Web Site Article
Business Week Article

Look this isn't bull - dust off your imaginations and accept that we have to make another leap forward to leave the ignorant past behind. Business Week and Popular Mechanics are the bastion of Conservative Media. There's a problem out there and the big oil companies will fight this tooth and nail. Do you want change? Find out where your representatives get their funding. Don't let big oil stack the legislative deck. A rule of thumb...anyone from Texas running for office is a BAD idea!


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