Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Human Dignity - Amnesty International

Is it any wonder that Human dignity has all but evaporated. From the willingness to blow up people in a market getting their daily bread to the visceral, violent and ugly words and images from our entertainment industry the idea of human dignity has all but disappeared. Somewhere along the time that it became hip to be stupid we have trended downwards. Look at the talking heads screaming at each other on television (pathetic, immature, irrational and stupid) or the trash that is sensationalized and paraded on daily television for what we have become. It's not funny it's sad. Decorum, respect, dignity, class, education, elite, excellence, work, awareness, sharing, kindness, tolerance, peace, patience, understanding and love these have become the dirty words. How about our politicians and the examples they set with lying and corruption justified as the norm and how much one can get away with the goal. That's the petulant behavior of a five year old and not very wise. You can only lead by example. We show up on foreign soil with Christianity in one hand and an empty basket to fill up in the other pathetic hypocrites.

No Human dignity is a thing of the past. It's hip to be an aggressive punk. Throwing trash in the street and crying about being dis-respected we don't see that our actions are what actually earn respect. Religious bigotry, intolerance forgetting to live and let live or simply ignoring the golden rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) are all symptoms of an immature world petty and futile with no real vision beyond greed and ego. The world is flipped out. I guess an era of uncivilized behavior is necessary to re-educate man that ignorance is self and globally annihilating.

Well World in order to survive the word we must relearn is civilization. Without it we reduce ourselves and our neighbors to less than nothing defecating in our water, poisoning our food, polluting our air and waging war all for profit. A respect for all humanity (including yourself) is the cornerstone of success. Jefferson called it the obligation of the good citizen. I call it common sense.

Author - Journey Home
Amnesty International

"when Ghandi was asked what he thought of Western civilization he said he thought it would be a good idea"

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