Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bill Richardson is OUR MAN - Barak Obama is a Phony (tax increases and liquid coal)

Bill Richardson For President!

Barak is just another phony - sorry I know he's the hip flavor but get those Hollywood stars out of your eyes and just listen to what he is saying.

Good god the man wants to RAISE the payroll taxes - that's buying power and saving power taken directly out of YOUR PAYCHECK.

NO. no, no, no!

No way can I in any way shape or form accept more taxes going to Washington D.C. The federal government is awash in our money. They must learn to make do with what they have got, prioritize and make spending cuts where necessary. The amount of money given in subsidies correctly called "Corporate Welfare" is huge. The amount of money going to outdated weapon systems is over half the budget. There is plenty of money in Washington. These idiots have the nerve to suggest obtaining more revenue by increasing the amount of money deducted from our paychecks? Have you looked at your paycheck? They are already grabbing the first third off the top.

The payroll tax should be eliminated completely. It would be a boon to the market place and increase savings by giving us our damn money back to invest or spend as we see fit.

You want to fix social security? Eliminate Congress's special retirement package which sends millions of our tax money dollars to the political hacks and cronies and their widows and families in excess of six figures a year. That's everyone who has ever served or been elected and still living and their heirs. Wake up people they are ripping us off and feel entitled to it! It's our money. It's time we vote for the right candidate and not who the media tells us to vote for.

In last nights debate ONLY BILL RICHARDSON said he would bring all of the troops home by the end of the "FIRST YEAR" of his term and he was the only candidate to say unequivocally that he WOULD NOT raise the PAYROLL tax.

Barak's position on raising taxes, his failure to commit to bring the troops home and his absurd position on promoting the production of liquid coal (more of our money funneled to the super rich on a dubious extremely catastrophic dirty energy source)- make this alleged maverick just another corporate shill (puppet, hack) afraid to take on and fix the real problems in government. Like the rest of us the government has to prioritize and redistribute the money THEY ALREADY HAVE.

Sorry for the capital letters but I'm completely pissed off. Is anybody actually listening to these people? If you are the only choice for President is Bill Richardson

Case Closed.

From the link above:

"Richardson said he would make sure that the troops were home by the end of his first year in office."

"Richardson said he wouldn’t, (raise the payroll tax)"

Richardson Proposed Military Plan

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