Monday, March 19, 2007

An Open Letter to Congress and the White House!

Dear Everyone,
Money and individual corporate profits should not be our nations #1 priority. Survival in harmony with the planets environmental system is and always will be the number one priority for our species whether recognized or not. Environmental harmony lowers health care costs. Look at the planet Venus (seriously) that's the fate of a planet with a serious greenhouse problem with surface temperatures at 900 degrees or more. Light and energy from the sun is coming in but not getting out. We are beginning to see very drastic and real signs of that process starting on Earth. We live on a planet in a universe void of accessible air to breath. We are in fact an oasis in space with a ridiculously thin atmosphere. Yet we aim every kind of pollutant we can at it - how dumb is that? There is no other planet.

Until we come to our senses and protect our environment and live in balance with our planetary and solar system reality we are doomed to play macho king of the hill - I've got the most money games. We need to raise our sights, and our vision above the immediate short term profit gain, game.

This is our only planet and if anything we had better damn well err on the side of caution. I can't believe I have to tell educated adults this. Anything less is foolish. Clean energy sources are a must. I'm sorry Exxon/Mobil but if you won't change you doom yourself to the status of industrial dinosaur.

We can not afford to let our waterways, air and food be any more contaminated than they already are. There is a whole national economy based on waterfront, living and working. We have to stop overfishing the Oceans, and we certainly can not tolerate the whole sale slash and burn of our forest resources.

The idea is to manage effectively the resources we have been given. You want coal? Then keep the Co2 out of the air and pump it back into the ground. You want oil - then 70 miles to the gallon for cars. The benefits to our health and the lowering of health care costs across the board are one thing. But the other benefits will lessen our dependence on foreign oil which is a huge national security issue. The less we need and use global oil the less a factor the middle east plays on our domestic policy. If we don't have to be in their desert and use religious bigotry to gain land and power then maybe the middle east won't feel the need to terrorize the civilized world.

Oil is everything that is wrong with the world, period. It's time to have vision. The jobs being created by clean energy sources could be 1.1 million jobs by 2017 - according to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. So the old argument of jobs versus the environment is just wrong, a red herring. The status quo needs to wake up and change if they want to count their profits - the only constant in life is change and it's happening faster and faster and has reached a crisis point. The pictures of the melting ice caps don't lie. Disappearing polar bears and mutant deformed frogs are gods warning system. We need to stop listening to our false god of money and pay attention to the biological realities of a species surviving on a lonely, small, tiny wisp of a fragile and unique atmospheric planet. WAKE UP! Earths don't grow on trees.

A little common sense people, electric cars and an eye towards the long term survival and proper management of our eco-system comes first -profit margins for individual corporations and trade - comes 5th or 6th - after national security, health and education. Please stand up to special interests. Don't all be a bunch of bought off sell outs have some damn pride and honor your station in life with the respect and conduct it deserves as represented by Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Adams and Hamilton. There is something bigger going on here than personal wealth. When we do the correct thing that is when our country shines and is the promise of the world.

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