Monday, March 26, 2007

Oil Sickness - Oil Fever

I am so sick of these "wildcat drillers" that we elected to the White House. If the Country hasn't figured it out by now - we have put the Fox in charge of the Hen House. Nothing but a bunch of drill anywhere fools who's vision is limited to "where is the oil, how do we get a rig up and how much money have we made". The only thing this group is interested in is drilling and profit - health care is not an issue, public schools, are not an issue, the environment is not an issue, fraud, corruption, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights - not an issue - just where is the oil and how do we get a rig up - overfishing - not an issue. Factory farms - not an issue, run off polluting everything - not an issue, the chemical industry ruining our health - not an issue. Gas mileage - not an issue (in fact the lower the better for them). I hope this is the last time for a very long time that we elect anymore oil barons to the White House, Senate or Congress. I hope we have learned our lesson. If they are from Texas or Oklahoma be very careful - they might have oil fever - yeeeehaaaa! Nothing, nothing else matters to them. If you think so you are listening to their words and not watching their actions.

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