Friday, May 26, 2006

World Party

The Jewish Mother show was only one set and that's the bad news Karl's throat and voice is shot. What do you expect after being off the road for so long and then trying to do all these one nighters in a row? He doesn't get a break until the end of the month and then his schedule gives him two weeks off. He really should rest his voice. He needs to come back to the venues he wasn't able to do a full show for, and can the one nighters. Hopefully he'll exercise more control over his schedule and do three shows a week instead of seven. His management team should wise up!

Now for the good stuff; What we saw at the Jewish Mother was fantastic for any fan of music let alone the World Party Faithful. I am so impressed and delighted even to have just heard one set. I'm a new fan in a big way! I remember those album covers coming to the station and just not being able to get past the covers. Where's the Norman Blake and Doc Watson? World Party what is that more 80's abomination? Closed minds are not good, and I'm not perfect, far from it, but time has given me and perhaps Karl another chance. We get time. Life is a grace period in a way to figure it out and what drives us, gives us meaning, fulfill's us. It's an opportunity to manifest our individual visions or not. But everyday, every moment the choice is there.

Anyway back to the music! All I needed was one listen. Within seconds I was hooked (no pun intended) and I have both feet firmly on the band wagon. If the scheduling gods let Karl rest his voice World Party will be too big for these smaller venues in a year, or even by the time this little tour is over. They need to do the right thing and reschedule the cancelled shows because for the first time in a long time there was a real buzz in the audience. I mean it was palpable. You could feel the excitement in the air. It's been a long time (maybe since Jerry last came to town) that I felt that way. It was a mixture of redemption, and excitement so much more so than a sporting event or premiere because music is spirit and Karl's way of expressing the familiar and the sublime is fun. It was the most fun I've had for twelve dollars in a long time. We were jacked for the second set.

But we didn't act like a bunch of crazies and tear the place down. No Karl's music is on the other end of that tip. We were totally supportive and understanding. I hope that gets us another visit this summer when his schedule is less demanding and his voice is stronger.

It's like picking up the steel string after not playing for months and months on end. You have to build up your fingers and hand strength. The vocal chords are human, so is Karl, and so are his fans. You dig? I think he feels horrible about dashing out on us. No worries mate we understand. Bring it on back when you're ready. We’ll be there!


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