Monday, May 15, 2006

That Old Pipe Dream is Up and Dancing Again

I have this vision of a beautiful world at peace thriving and excelling. Where individuals listen to their conscience and the difference between right and wrong isn't suppressed over alleged advantage. Temptation to do what - live your life fulfilled, happy overcoming the individual struggles that each of us have, and having that light shine within and without. Money, sex, food, drugs, booze, politics, religion isn't going to fill that void. The void is simply that we know the difference between right and wrong. Within each and every moment is opportunity to either create or destroy. Do the right thing and wow you feel great - avoid through distraction and delay and it pulls you down.

Every now and then a piece of music, a movie, neighbors interacting, a blue jay on the deck rail, the wag of a dog’s tail reveals the splendor that is constantly all around us. The smallest thing can be a reminder there is something great going on. Look this is not a piece about the garbage being dumped in our oceans and pumped into the air or the war and the thievery of our elected officials. This is a piece about every single one of them knows better and their conscience will get the better of them. That old pipe dream is up and dancing. Everyone knows better. So take heart my friends and don't filter out the positive. It's an amazing world and there are problems to fix. So get busy, vote, exercise and be kind. We can do this the time is now and always in the moment. You have the power, you know yourself, you make the difference.

Have a great day!



JN said...

Great post (I'm stumbling around randomly in the blogs). I keep Mary Oliver's book of poems Why I Wake Early handy because the poems say the same thing--beauty and good is all around us, doesn't the folding and unfolding of the sparrow's wing say that?

Paul Burke said...

I love the picture of Sidney. It doesn't get more real than that! Thanks for stopping by.