Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tinsley Ellis

I'm long over due to post something about Tinsley. Since the time I first heard him on Nappy Brown's album until last month when I saw him in a small club at the beach - well music fans this guy doesn't disappoint. He had a small raucous crowd hollering for more and he graciously let the fans take as many pictures, autographs, and listened patiently to all the mindless dribble a person can stand. What these musicians have to realize is that we are trying to cram in a lifetime of appreciation into a few simple words. It never comes out right but Tinsley just shined it on. I purchased Hell or High Water and can highly recommend. The album has several mood changes and musical styles all encompassing one form of the blues, blues rock, traditional and jazz oriented blues. He hits all the bases and it makes for excellent transitions from track to track. Tinsley is always on the road so check his schedule and buy the ticket. It will be a better show than those $60.00 dollar shed tours you are considering this summer. Hat's off to the Jewish Mother for bringing great acts to the beach front. Remember drill down a little bit and catch the real thing at a smaller venue - more concert news on the way as we have tickets for Duke Robillard, World Party and Tom Petty already in hand - happy spring!

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