Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Wall Street, Apple Pie, America and Democracy!

The democracy that we have right now needs to be strengthened because it is not democracy it is a corrupt republic. Keep your eye on practical reality when you skew off into ideology whether cloaked in religion or the verbiage of politics you miss the point.

Corruption and the lack of accountability, the absence of a level playing field, and the rules already on the books not being enforced or being tenaciously done away with is what Occupy Wall Street is all about. In fact I draw the conclusion Occupy Wall Street is a strengthening of democracy in our Republic by the exercising of the right to assembly, the right of free speech and the right of petition.

Who was the last President to invoke the Sherman Anti-Trust Act - why was Glass Stegal overturned? Why is our so called democracy trying to eliminate class action law suits? Why isn't medicare for all law because the status quo wants more and more of our tax dollars for their own private accounts. That's why there is this decades long push to "privatize" everything. The for profit motive is not a panacea for all of our problems and in fact is at the root of many of them.

Practical reality teaches us that Washington D.C. is just a huge bucket of tax dollars getting re-allocated. There's plenty of money but how it is allocated is the question. Lately the bucket has been drained and the money siphoned off to individual accounts - its not being re-invested back into the Country its being hoarded in individual accounts. We have to re-invest in America that means the people through education, health, and infrastructure. But we truly have pigs at the trough with little to no accountability.

The system is a broken feeding frenzy by the richest corporate powers who are so busy trying to corner their individual markets that they have crippled the macro demand side of the economic equation (supply and DEMAND) and weakened all the worker bees muscle.

Homes get seized, disposable income - the grease to our economic wheel - dries up. Graduates are saddled with debt and can't go out on their own (buy homes, cars or even rent). Without the rest of us (99%) carrying the water the macro economy crumbles and the tangible results are everyone who was encouraged to buy into the capitalist system are just indentured servants to the banks.

Taking to the streets is the only way to get the corporate minions (politicians) to actually do something for the 99% of us WITHOUT representation. Why? Because just like back in the days of Nixon when he looked out his window what did he see - not only draft dodgers, and hippies, and pacifists with acoustic guitars who he tried to denigrate in an effort to kill the message by invalidating the messenger, but hundreds of thousands of people representing millions of motivated VOTERS who weren't going away until the changes they wanted were met.

So the politicians can either flip flop from appeasing those who finance their campaigns to appeasing the people who pull the levers at the voting booth.

They can save their own skin (which is what they do best) and follow the will of the majority, or loose at the polls to those who represent the middle class, main street, livable wages, good working conditions, not for profit health care, the revision of corporate person-hood, the reinstatement of glass stegal, and enforcing and strengthening the laws and regulations that keep everyone honest and create jobs.

That's the only way capitalism can work and the 99% for whom capitalism isn't working for right now - know this. Its just a shame that we have to take to the streets and non-violent protesters have to get beaten and arrested for the powers that be to wake up and go oopps.

We better make sure the economy works for all and know that employees are our partners not our enemies. We shouldn't cheat them, marginalize them, give them cancer, or destroy their neighborhoods and we need to put back into the system what we take out. It's simple, its basic, its practical and its been lost sight of........Too bad our so called Captains of Industry aren't the geniuses they think they are. Lost in the minutia of gaming the system, power tripping they have wrecked it even for themselves.

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