Tuesday, October 04, 2011

My God is IT!

My god is IT and yours isn't IT. That pretty much sums up the stupidity of IT mankind and all of the different religions, cults, factions, and parties vying for power, profit, and control over the naturally occurring people wondering about IT the who, what, when, where and why of life - not to mention the how.

So anyway settle down all of you - settle down I've got a surprise. My God is IT and unless yours is IT too then yours isn't IT! Time to rethink IT.

That's right my god is IT. IT is my god. IT is the only one. IT is everywhere and IT is everything. IT is my god. IT is your god. IT is wonderful. IT is terrible and IT is in everything.

IT is your name, IT is your being, IT is your soul, IT is your laugh, IT is your humor. IT is comedy, IT is tragedy, IT is your face. IT is your tears, IT is your mind, IT is your heart, IT is your love, IT is your sex, IT is your anger, IT is your hatred, IT is your envy, IT is your greed.

IT is your breath, IT is your eyes. IT is your ears. IT is your voice. IT is the water, IT is the rain, IT is the ocean, IT is the streams, IT is the rivers, and IT is the mountains. IT is the forest, IT is the trees, IT is the dirt, IT is the rock, IT is the street, IT is the road, IT is the journey, IT is home.

IT is the tiger, IT is the bear, IT is the hawk, IT is the fox, IT is the wolf, IT is the bird, IT is the trane, IT is the music. IT is the earth, IT is the moon, IT is the stars, IT is the universe, IT is the air, IT is lunch. IT is listening, IT is speaking, IT is hearing.

IT is everything. IT is your life, IT is your friends, IT is your neighbors and IT is your enemies. IT is your balls, IT is your ass, IT is your tits and IT is your intention. IT is your meaning, IT is why, IT is how, IT is where, and IT is your plans. IT is your dreams and IT is two different things.

IT is your guitar, IT is your horn, IT is your drum, and IT is your canvas, IT is your clay, IT is your body, IT is your soul. IT is your thoughts, IT is your memory, IT is your library, and IT is everywhere.

IT is your life, IT is your desert, IT is your iguana, IT is your lover and IT is sad, and IT is hungry, and IT is full and IT is happy, and IT is amazing. IT is and IT is not.

IT is your brothers and IT is your sisters. IT is your children and IT is your parents. IT is the north and IT is the south. IT is the west and IT is the east. IT is the sunset and IT is the sunrise. IT is the canyon, IT is the surf and IT is the wind. IT is everyone and everything and everything and everyone is IT. IT is finITte and IT is infinITe.

We are all IT and IT is all.

So when dividing up the world, arguing over borders, waring over resources, bribing each other over profit, robbing each other over money, killing, stealing and lying to each other about any of IT, or all of IT remember your are doing IT as surely as IT is doing you.

Be careful what you say and do because IT knows about IT and this my friends is IT! Get IT? IT is and IT will always be no matter what IT is.

So be IT, Live IT, Love IT, Enjoy IT but there is no getting away from IT. IT's got you and IT's got me......and that be the truth of IT.

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