Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Raise Taxes, Close Loopholes, End Subsidies Now!

The disparity between executive pay and worker bee pay is killing the broad based economy - you have to have a middle class to support the broad based economy - concentrating wealth - enormous wealth at the top 1% level is incestuous stagnation that is crippling the economy and threatening our internal national security.

The Country needs to wake up - and guess what higher taxes does not mean a middle class tax hike - it means closing loopholes and dragging hedge fund managers and the other 1% and the biggest of the corporations back onto a FAIR playing field in which their tax rates go up - horror of horrors 3 percentage points in some cases.

Say it loud and say it proud I want the rich fu**ers to pay the SAME percentage as I pay - which means I want higher TAXES for the RICH - pony up boys - you can't run a continent wide Country filled with over 300 million people on the cheap. Unless of course you want infrastructure decay and bridges to collapse with busloads of school children on board - nice priorities republicans.

Unions are the ONLY way we can drag those who would steal everything for themselves and bleed the middle class dry back to being honest brokers. Mostly Americans have been sold a bill of goods and cheap talking points that they parrot even though they aren't in their own best interest. Trickle down just means the well has run dry, been poisoned and you don't have any water to drink. Corporate America and the richest 1% are starving us out - why - I don't know greed, power, lust - they want the country all to themselves- good luck getting rid of 297 million people - especially if they unionize.

Remember demand creates jobs (supply and demand) not rich people (they just hoard wealth and see how much they can steal from the public). In other words I want my god damn solar panels NOW and to get off the coal grid. Monopolies kill economies and cut off innovation and this country's economy was rockin and rollin (for most everyone) when we had a higher tax rate of just 3 more percent.


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Jerry Critter said...

Absolutely! They should pay the same, at least, if not more. One step in that direction would be to tax capital gains as ordinary income. The top 400 earners paying less than 15% taxes is just wrong!