Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Flags, Guns, The Bible, Fear, Wedge Issues and MONEY

I'm intrigued to find out about and get a glimpse into how those so fervently waging a cultural war against freedom of choice, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press think and operate.

Although they wrap themselves in the flag, with guns, the bible and the obsessive fear of anything or anyone different they are still the biggest threat to our democracy, freedoms, and the most easily manipulated voter block out there.

Their susceptibility to fall in line behind, aw shucks Regan, I'm one of the guys Bush, and I'm just a suburban mom Palin, make them a dangerous lot who don't value thought, the questioning of supposed norms or authority, or know enough to look behind the curtain and judge a potential candidate on their actions, (not their words).

Politicians are applying for jobs it is not a popularity contest. Running for office is just a different way of saying "job seeker". They want to get on the tax payer payroll so I want to see their credentials, resume and experience. Those are all the things I have to go through before I get a job. It's the same thing. Don't hire (vote for) unqualified people.

I would offer this advise to all; politics is a money game everyone knows that the moneyed class pull the levers of power because self serving politicians (job seekers) fear for their careers and being re-elected (having their contract renewed). It is their main goal. That being the case we can all agree on no matter what party, demographic or state we are talking about the smartest thing for us to do - those of us on the outside looking in - is to VOTE OUR OWN POCKETBOOK.

Wedge issues are a matter of personal choice you already are free to do and live the way you see fit. If your way is so great then lead by example and others will follow. Force your views onto others and they will fight you back. So drop the wedge issues when it comes to voting for politicians. It will never be and never has been a one size fits all world. You are just creating oppression and fomenting violence if you take people's freedom to live the way they see fit away from them.

Since politics is all about the money don't let yourself get stirred up emotionally. Just vote your pocketbook and maybe the middle class can finally get some representation at the table. You know after the voting the table they sit at behind closed doors, the table where they strike their deals to keep their financial backers happy - that table. That's the table at which we "ALL" need to be represented.

Don't let them divide and conquer us over wedge issues its all they are doing.

It's an old and simple game that has been going on for generations.

I'm hoping by NOW we are all a little smarter than that.

Stop falling for it!

Fix Congress - Take Action NOW!

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