Friday, July 30, 2010

Regan, Camelot, Democracy and Capitalism

"I know the liberals call you 'the most dangerous man in America,' " Ronald Reagan wrote in a letter to Rush Limbaugh in 1992, "but don't worry about it, they used to say the same thing about me."

And we were right - deregulation was a reckless boondoggle that resulted in lawlessness and the bilking of the middle classes retirement accounts. Not learning from the saving and loan deregulation catastrophe the Regan movement turned deregulation into a religion.

Electing Regan governor of California was the conservative businessman's attempt to place their proxy in a position of power and it worked but to what end? Undoing sensible regulation (instead of just burdensome paper work) lead us right back to the environment that lead to the great depression of the 1930's.

A wealth of history and documentation clearly reveals the cycle of boom and bust in unregulated markets that fester with ponzi schemes, unreliable rating systems, conflicts of interest as a culture of savings gave way to a culture of speculation and gambling. The outright rejection of ethics has produced a generation of untrustworthy scam artist as if the ends justify the means.

Trickle down economics is just what it says it is - barely a trickle. The bulk of our nations wealth does not get reinvested back into our infrastructure but hoarded off shore in the the Caymans or Bermuda or distributed to our leech politicians who game the tax code to benefit those that can afford to buy them off - the richest 1% of the country.

Rush, Regan and their legion of supporters who lust for a theocracy of greed, power and profit put their faith in giant corporations instead of each other. They have produced a government that gives huge amounts of subsidies in the form of tax dollars to big oil like Exxon Mobile who in turn pay no federal taxes.

Nice work if you can get it and one helluva a way to run a single solitary company if you can get away with it and the share holders are not complaining. But it is absolutely dead wrong when it comes to "governing" a Country.

In order for a Country to be successful it needs a smoothly operating interrelated market place and citizenry relying on a multitude of factors as those factors all impact one another on a macro and micro economic scale with a social platform that requires among other things good health, great education and a level playing field.

Regan, Rush, Bush and their zealot devotees want it all for themselves. That's fine on a level playing field but by hook or by crook it screws it up royally the works for the rest of us. If pushed too far desperate people do desperate things. Its not the wealthy but the disenfranchised who are suicide bombers. That "ends justify the means" mentality my friends is a short walk to anarchy, chaos and failure on a global scale as amply demonstrated over the past 3 decades.

In short Wall Street and Main Street both need policing because men are not angels and fall prey to all sorts of greed, stupidity, reckless, ignorant and arrogant behavior. Rush on a personal note has demonstrated quite clearly that men more often than not reach their lowest common denominator when it comes to money and the grab for power.

For Rush that grab is for ratings, marketing and advertising through sensationalism. I call it the Howard Sterning of radio.

All these hacks like Beck, O'Reiley, Imus, Hannity, Coulter and Rush have turned what Stern used to gain his money, notoriety and fame onto the TV news channels instead of just the FM music channels.

That's all that's going on here - rubbernecking. In other words instead of lesbians, dwarfs and breasts to catch the rubberneckers we have Nazi's, fear, yelling, race baiting and the most preposterous claims imaginable. Sensationalism for ratings = ad dollars but the misinformation self perpetuates and propels a downward spiral for our country when we could be doing so much better.

Kennedy screwed up by double dealing the mob and they blew him away but for a moment he had us all pulling in the same direction and Camelot became a reality for the middle class.

Regan and those who made Regan their proxy don't know how to manage a Country. They are too locked in on their own personal wealth. They don't have the broad vision or see the need to champion it, but that is the only way to really reach our potential as a species, culture and society trying to survive on a planet.

The facts are the facts Capitalism is a single solitary approach to individual wealth - it is not Democracy.

And YOU can do something about it - Take Action NOW

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

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Jerry Critter said...

Reagan - the best thing that ever happened to the wealthy and big business interests. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans got left behind.