Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Hippies Were Right

Sorry all you money worshipers keeping up with the Jones's. You've got to have the latest "thing". You have to buy what "they" are selling. Does Miley Cyrus have any real talent? Does she have a good voice? She's likable and goofy but not sexy - although she is trying desperately to be because sex sells.

No the only reason this little girl is famous is because Disney a huge multi-national corporation that controls millions of media outlets and dumps content, television shows, commercials, cross marketing and branding into our little children's heads twenty four hours a day seven days a week has made her so. Miley is not without her goofy charms but they could have picked anyone and will replace her shortly with Selena Gomez. How the heck do I even know these names? That's how powerful marketing is.

Why are we all driving SUV's that are too expensive to fuel and who's tires are too expensive to replace? Marketing and the power of media can and does create "group think". You have to be strong enough as an individual to see it coming and express yourself as a little bit of a contrarian to avoid being completely manipulated by the powers that be.

This is not some conspiracy rant but a statement of fact. Someone back in the 1950's devised a consumer based market economy model that emphasized planned obsolescence and the continual selling of stuff we just do not need. That plan has a huge down side and we are working our way through it now. That market everywhere and everything model has lead to some pretty horrific products being introduced into our eco-systerm and ruining our economy and health.

Before I go on too long let me sum it up. The Hippies were right. The concept of living simply, sharing, looking out for each other and living off the land has to work in harmony with our technologies. Just because we can invent it doesn't mean we should use it. But for some reason we have an editor-less market system otherwise Round Up would be outlawed. Studies have shown Round Up might contribute to Parkinson's disease and it definitely cripples the wildlife in our watershed.

Our watershed is not a sewer system but an incredible delicate design that has culminated in giving life to us all. It's best not to fuck with it or are we too stupid to realize that? Are we too stupid to realize we live on a planet with a thin layer of air separating us from our own extinction?

The Hippies were right - not the phony hippies who want to bogart your stash, freeload, or hit on your old lady they are just hucksters not wearing suits. But the genuine hippies who knew we needed pesticide free (organic) food to live on. Who knew that harvesting a small garden was not only fun, therapeutic but spiritually, mentally and physically beneficial to ones whole well being.

Sorry greed heads who need the latest phone, shoes, pocket books, cars, gadgets, suits, homes, boats and country club memberships you are barking up the wrong tree.

If we do not place the proper supreme value on mother earth and all that she has given us we will continually and recklessly destroy her in the name of a man made invention and convention called money. At the end of the day money is just another tool. It needs to be used wisely, and you sure as hell can't eat it.

The hippies were right - there is nothing funny about peace, love and understanding. It's called civilization and we had all better grow up, get real and adjust our attitudes away from the acceptance of dog, eat dog or we are going to rip ourselves and the earth apart. Rip to shred the very thing we depend on most for our very existence. Not smart.

The Hippies were right Earth First - every other consideration a distant second!

Make a difference NOW!

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symphonyfarm said...

Its nice to know when you are going against the grain (spending money on a small farm, rather than a new car) that we are infact doing the right thing