Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scientology Again - Paul Haggis's Public Awakening

It is such a shame that true believers get associated with corrupt organized religion - whether in a theocracy, catholic church or any other sect, cult or philosophy good people are used, misrepresented and taken advantage of to empower the few at the top.

There is a lot of bad mixed in with the good in the pews and I implore people of all walks of life and in all countries to look for your answers within your own self because it is there that they lay. Listen to your own consciousness it is the true honest voice of right and wrong. No dogma, no building, no cloaked, bearded, staff holding man or woman can direct you better than your own inner voice.

You can suppress it for a time but it will surface time and time again in your own consciousness the innate knowledge of the right way to be. Within you and within everyone is where the voice of your creator resides.

The only temple you need is your own body for it is there that the creator however you imagine or whatever you call him will meet you and confront you with your self and the choices you have made in life.

When will people realize that this whole Earth, this whole universe and all that is in it is sacred. We did not create it but how we individually choose to act upon it is our destiny as individuals and together globally as all of mankind.

We are all equal and what is different about us is the same - our sex, our culture, our education but where the rubber hits the road we are all the same flesh and blood. There is no pope, no priest, no ayatollah, no written scripture, no book and no dogma that holds greater truth, instruction or greater wisdom than you already posses in your inner core of being. We all know the difference between right and wrong. And we all know that excuses do not absolve our heinous acts toward each other.

Worship as you see fit, love your rituals, read the words in the books that remind you of the inner truth that resides in all of us and enjoy life. Know that no matter what choices you make they must be worked at and know that each individual has their own road to travel to enlightenment. You can not force your beliefs on others. That is repression and control for the enrichment and empowerment of others. As long as you are not harming any one do as you see fit and let your conscience be your guide.

Remember always no matter where you are in the world and I suspect universe that if you aren't following these two rules: live and let live and do unto others as you would have them do unto you - you are the one doing the wrong thing.

Paul Burke
Author - Journey Home

Read Haggis's Letter renouncing Scientology in the link above or here.

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