Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Abortion, Love and the Corporate CEO

I think the whole anti-choice movement is born out of the fear that someone is going to abort their belief in the second coming...I can fathom no other rational explanation and reconcile their free market passions with their elimination of self determination when it comes to child rearing.

In other words its perfectly okay for a corporate ceo to be unregulated ruining lives, the environment, spoiling the food chain and water and wreaking the economy and environment for self directed financial gain and profit no matter who gets hurt but those rules of unfettered self determination don't apply to individuals when it comes to child rearing and that responsibility.

I can not reconcile their concern with a microscopic cellular unconscious molecular mass with their entire disregard for human life after it is born.

Nor can I reconcile their love of the death penalty and their shooting of doctors, and defenseless animals with the teachings of their messiah or their complete contempt and utter disregard of the poor, uneducated, hungry, sick and dying at home and abroad with their obsessive action and violent defense of a microscopic cellular mass.

Abortion is not a religious event for most and those to whom it is a religious issue should have more faith in their god and the way he directs our lives and the choices and roads he lays out before us...Life is a learning experience and I severely doubt that any of this would be here if we all didn't have a lot to learn.

The sheer magnitude of the infinite variety of life on this earth as represented in the animals, trees, fish, insects, frogs, flowers, weather, culture, size and shape, color, grass, fields, mountains, streams, rivers, valleys, music, art and literature as well as the birds of the Galapagos Islands should certainly be a clue, and hint as to otherwise that their isn't only one way for life or ourselves to evolve and certainly not one way for us to live our lives outside the guiding principle of love.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home


Jerry Critter said...

You are expecting consistency where none exists, hence irreconcilable differences. Few people are consistent throughout their beliefs.

Sue said...

so very well said Paul! Its so true the religious fanatics on the right care about NOTHING in this world but abortion. I'm not an advocate for abortion but I leave those issues up to God, not man. Let no man judge!