Thursday, June 25, 2009

Franken and Coleman - Ridiculous Bullshit


Here we have an example of politicians and their ridiculous bullshit - forget the sex scandals for a moment and remember that Coleman went before supporters on the day after the election and urged Franken to waive his right to a recount, saying that the prospect of changing the result was remote, that a recount would be costly to taxpayers and "I just think the need for the healing process is so important."

Coleman is a disgusting hypocrite. Now that the recount has given Franken the victory Coleman isn't taking the high road he said Franken should take and is spending millions of dollars trying to sue his way into a victory. Let the healing begin?

The republican national committee who pushed the Bush coronation through without counting all the votes in Florida has in spite of all the votes being counted vowed to drag this ridiculous charade on until it reaches the supreme court. It could be years before Al Franken gets seated as a senator. That of course is exactly what the RNC wants.

Where's the right wing corporate media outrage? You know it would be a 24/7 shrill if Franken was a Republican. I'm getting sick of being associated as an American with these people. They are not Americans. They do not put the good of the Country first. They are very common, common people and all they want is money, privilege and power (so they can have affairs on the tax payers dime I guess).

This is our government in action - or rather in-action and putting the will of the people last to their own interest, and their gamesmanship. This is the exact ridiculous bullshit that the American people are fed up with. Do the peoples business.

I encourage you all to write the Minnesota Supreme Court linked here and tell them to get off their duffs and make a speedy decision, and to write the Republican Governor that he's a partisan hack (link here) and to write Norm Coleman and tell him he's a hypocrite (link here).

When you are done with that I encourage you to consider the dollar a day campaign (linked here). Progressives (myself included) are contributing a dollar a day until this election is resolved and so far it's brought in over 178,000 dollars.

People are fed up with the nonsense that is our political system. This latest brinkmanship in Minnesota is just another poor example of leadership. For the people of Minnesota one of the most egregious hoaxes ever to waste their time, money and political capital.

In light of the fact that Republicans closed the recount down in Florida, and got their Supreme Court appointees to rubber stamp the election before all the votes were counted this should be front page news. But it's not because News Agencies are Corporations and Corporations control the News and Corporations control the Republican party. A party of politicians who go running to the Corporations begging to be their whores.

In Minnesota the votes have been counted - legal maneuverings and the lack of outrage from the right wing corporate controlled media keep a lid on it, and keep the winner of the election from being seated. It is no less than Treason by our so called representatives for their own financial gain.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

Norm Coleman Investigated by FBI

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